The left revealed the letters. There is gender parity and 100 people under 30

The left revealed the letters.  There is gender parity and 100 people under 30

On Tuesday, August 29, representatives of the Left announced the names of their candidates for MPs and senators. We also learned that a party congress was planned for Saturday, September 2, during which the group’s program would be presented in detail.

Robert Biedroń was the first to speak at Tuesday’s Left speech. He immediately emphasized that the plan for the next elections is to “drive PiS to hell” and stop the “brown”, “fascist” coalition of PiS and Confederation. At the same time, he added that his party, of course, also has a positive program, which will be presented on Saturday at the “grand congress” of the Left.

As previously announced, there will be as many women as men on the Left’s lists. This group also boasted about connecting generations and focusing on young politicians. Over 100 people under 30 years of age will run for the Sejm from the Left.

Czarzasty: I’m proud of this team

Włodzimierz Czarzasty emphasized that despite the fact that several parties, generations and circles have been united under the banner of the Left, it is a “team with a coherent program”, having a specific system of values ​​and beliefs. He briefly mentioned that it included: for women’s abortion rights, acceptance of civil partnerships, and a secular state.

– This is a team that is programmatically non-eclectic and coherent – ​​he assured. He added that values ​​are the most important for the Left, regardless of whether they ultimately give 2 points. higher or lower. – We will proclaim these values, this is a crystalline team of which I am very, very proud – he emphasized.

Zandberg: The left as one fist

Adrian Zandberg added to the program announcements a promise to shorten working hours and build 300,000. housing in the state program, improving public services and creating a modern welfare state. – We believe in Europe because it means freedom and solidarity, cooperation, respect for human rights – he said.

– The majority of Poles support a program that only the Left has the courage to proclaim without any spins or arguments – he noted. He added that the views within the Left had been changing for the last four years. – Today, the Left coalition club is like one fist – he summed up.

– We must defeat the extreme right, we cannot allow these people who want to drown Poland in hatred and selfishness to come to power – he appealed. – Some people are fueled by hatred and anger towards someone who did not give up a seat at a table of one shape or another 30 years ago. We are in politics for change, he assured.

The Left presented letters to the Sejm and Senate

The Left announced that it had nominated 15 candidates for the Senate as part of the Senate pact. These included, among others: Magdalena Biejat, Waldemar Witkowski, Maciej Kopiec, Marcin Karpiński and Wojciech Konieczny.

The candidates for MPs included such names as Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk from Gdynia, Krzysztof Śmiszek from Wrocław, Krzysztof Gawkowski from Bydgoszcz, Joanna Sheuring-Wielgus from Toruń, Tomasz Trela ​​from Łódź, Paulina Matysiak from Sieradz, Maciej Gdula from Kraków, Marcelina Zawisza from Opole, Katarzyna Kotula from Gdańsk, Wanda Nowicka from Gliwice and Maciej Konieczny from Katowice. Adrian Zandberg will be the leader of the party in Warsaw. Włodzimierz Czarzasty will start from Sosnowiec. Robert Biedroń, who has not decided to shorten the MEP’s term of office, is not on the lists.

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