Tension is growing between the Third Way and the Left. PSL wants power in the ministry

Tension is growing between the Third Way and the Left.  PSL wants power in the ministry

Politicians of the Polish People's Party are demanding power in one of the ministries from the Left – claims Onet. Apparently, the group had been expecting such a step from the People's Party for a long time. Apparently, an excuse was needed, and this one appeared – after the 2024 local elections.

Onet describes that this turn of events was influenced by the poor result of the Left in the 2024 elections to the provincial assemblies. As reported by the National Electoral Commission (April 8), for example: in Mazovia, the party obtained only 6.94 percent. all votes, in Pomerania – 6.25%, and in Silesia – 8.22%. All results were announced after 9 p.m.

Nervous situation in the coalition. The discussion started at night

The second issue is abortion. The bill will soon begin to be processed in the Sejm, which was supposed to happen a month ago. By the decision of the Marshal of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia, the matter was postponed, which angered the politicians of the Left – this was especially expressed by Anna Maria Żukowska, who mocked the marshal and his “smiling cold truck” from the parliamentary podium. Another time, to Hołownia's words that postponing the discussion on abortion is necessary because the discussion must take place in conditions of “calm and patience”, the head of the Left parliamentary club replied: “f*** off with this calm.” The issue surrounding abortion has sharply divided these two camps in the coalition. Such statements also caused many women to have a negative perception of the marshal, which is not to the benefit of the Third Way.

In a conversation with Left Wing politicians, Onet heard that PSL “was counting” that the party would “receive a poor result” in the April elections. – And they got it – comments the source. For this reason, PSL apparently “demanded” one of the ministries overnight – either family, labor and social policy (the head of the ministry is Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk from the Left), or science (here, Barbara Nowacka is in power). However, the Left refused the Third Way.

The left has too much power for its capabilities?

Onet learned that PSL politicians are complaining that “the Left is pushing too hard in the power camp.” In their opinion, the club's strength is disproportionate to the number of functions and offices currently held by specific people.

It is worth adding that currently the rest of the ruling coalition is distancing itself from the whole matter, pointing out that the tense situation concerns only the Third Way and the Left. It is also known that Tusk will not allow anyone to make hasty decisions – Onet reports. Especially resulting from strong emotions. However, the demands of the People's Party had not yet even reached the Prime Minister's ears. Others also point out that, in the end, the Third Way does not have much better results than the Left in the April elections.

Krzysztof Gawkowski in the TVN24 studio, in the “Kropka nad i” program, commented on the results of the elections to the Left's provincial assemblies: – This is not the result we were counting on. And it must be honestly said that a correction of the strategy for the European Parliament elections is needed. (…) We also need to think deeply about whether we addressed the messages correctly, among other things, whether we were prevented from achieving a good result by disputes within the coalition, said the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Affairs in a conversation with Monika Olejnik.

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