How to repel mosquitoes? This method became a hit on the Internet

How to repel mosquitoes?  This method became a hit on the Internet

Mosquitoes can ruin even the best holidays, so any method to combat these pesky insects is worth trying. The toilet paper trick is becoming more and more popular on the Internet, and we are going to describe it for you.

There are many ways to fight mosquitoes: closing doors and windows, mosquito nets, curtains, smoke candles and other similar products, special plants, sprays, etc. However, many of them are unreliable or have significant disadvantages – we cannot close the windows everywhere, and if even if it is possible, we decide to stay in a heated room and suffer in the heat.

Viral way to get rid of mosquitoes

The trick with toilet paper is based on the smell, to which mosquitoes are very sensitive. The first step is to tear off a few strips of toilet paper and place them in a not too deep container or on a tray. Then you should choose an essential oil whose smell these insects do not like, for example citronella oil, the so-called citronella.

Mosquitoes do not like citronella, finding the smell unpleasant. However, even more important is the presence of citronellol and geraniol in its composition, which perfectly mask human odors. In this way, a person is much more difficult for mosquitoes to locate, until, of course, they are in his immediate vicinity.

You can also choose a different oil, for example one with a tea tree scent. Its ingredients affect the nervous system of mosquitoes, disorienting them and impairing their ability to detect and follow humans.

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