Tom Hanks warns against AI fraud. A deepfake with his likeness is circulating on the Internet

Tom Hanks warns against AI fraud.  A deepfake with his likeness is circulating on the Internet

Actor Tom Hanks warns against deepfake materials using his face and voice. Currently, an AI-created video on the Internet advertises… dental services.

More and more Hollywood stars and celebrities are alerting their fans about further AI materials that steal their identities. Fraudsters are increasingly bold in using celebrities for their own purposes.

Tom Hanks in an AI ad – it’s a deepfake

Actor Tom Hanks, known from “Saving Private Ryan” or “Forrest Gump”, recently discovered his “presence” in one of the online advertisements. Interestingly, the famous actor was supposed to be advertising dental insurance. Unfortunately, he didn’t record anything like that, so he decided to warn his fans on social media.

“Be careful! There is a video circulating on the Internet promoting some dental services in which an AI version of me was used. I had nothing to do with it,” Hanks said on his official Instagram account.

In the entry, the background is a frame made of the above-mentioned material, which shows a slightly younger version of the actor. The person concerned did not provide any further details. However, people who have seen the ad say that the star’s video actually uses a computer-generated voice and even matches Hanks’ mouth movements to what is being said.

Earlier in 2023, the famous actor also expressed concern about the advancing AI technology. As a guest on the Adam Buxton Podcast, Hanks noted that he “knew times like this would come.”

– Tomorrow I could be hit by a bus and that would be the end. But my appearances and roles can go on and on and on. Only knowledge of AI and deepfakes will allow us to distinguish that it will no longer be me. (…) This is not only an artistic challenge, but also a legal one – emphasized the actor.

MrBeast offering free iPhone 15? It’s a scam

At we also wrote about a scam involving a fake image of one of the most famous YouTubers. The popular MrBeast also warned its community against fakes created by artificial intelligence.

“If you are watching this video, you are one of 10,000 people who will win an iPhone 15 Pro for $2. My name is MrBeast and I am organizing the world’s largest iPhone 15 lottery. Click the link below to win yours,” we hear in a short, fifteen-second recording originally posted on TikTok.

The fraud is quite clever, because MrBeast is famous for its extravagant actions, which involve competitions, draws, giving away money or giving away expensive cars.

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