Poczta Polska with a new service. It will be introduced gradually

Poczta Polska with a new service.  It will be introduced gradually

Poczta Polska is introducing a new service that may prove attractive to customers who do not use online banking but need to order a quick transfer. The Express Elixir service will be gradually introduced in subsequent branches.

Poczta Polska is introducing a new service in some branches: customers will be able to order instant Express Elixir transfers directly at the post office counter. Poczta Polska will carry out transfers in the Express Elixir system in cooperation with Bank Pocztowy. The operator will be the National Clearing House SA. Over time, the service will be extended to all branches in the country.

– Making instant transfers available at Poczta Polska branches throughout the country will bring customers closer to the possibility of using modern financial services, regardless of their place of residence or access to electronic banking – said Piotr Alicki, president of the National Clearing House SA

This is a gesture towards people who do not use online banking but want to order an instant transfer at the bank's counter.

Difficult financial situation of Poczta Polska

We have been reporting on the difficult situation of the state operator for several weeks. Unfortunately, these are not just “business rumors”: at the end of April, the new president of Poczta Polska, Sebastian Mikosz, sent a letter to employees. He admitted that the state-owned operator recorded the largest historical loss for 2023. – The financial results of the Post Office for last year will be published soon. I cannot provide the exact amounts yet, but this is the largest historical loss – wrote Mikosz.

Despite this, Poczta Polska, which is struggling with difficulties, is in debt. As “Rzeczpospolita” found out at the end of May, the company took out a PLN 1.2 billion loan for two prestigious properties in Warsaw: plots at ul. Towarowa and ul. Worcella. However, this will not ruin it, because the only solution will be a transfer from the Ministry of State Assets in amounting to approximately PLN 700 million. The money may be transferred to the operator's account in the coming days or weeks.

The newspaper explains that Poczta Polska has submitted a request to the Ministry of State Assets to pay it compensation for losses incurred while serving as the designated operator in 2021-2022. The Ministry submitted the application for verification to the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE), and the regulator accepted it and sent it back to the Ministry, thus giving the green light to make the transfer. Thus, all the requirements of the amended Postal Law have already been met and nothing prevents postal workers from sending the money due to them.

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