Internet users were delighted with the photo of the forest from a bird’s eye view. Trees form an important symbol

Internet users were delighted with the photo of the forest from a bird's eye view.  Trees form an important symbol

This forest once almost ceased to exist. Today we can admire the effects of mass planting of trees, which form interesting shapes.

The multicolored autumn forest caught the attention of Internet users. The photo taken from a bird’s eye view shows a fragment of the Tucholskie Forest, which was destroyed a few years ago. Today, thanks to newly planted trees, the forest looks in its full glory. Few people know that the treetops look like the Polish emblem from a bird’s eye view.

Trees planted after the attack of the element

Powerful storms that passed here in 2017


completely destroyed a wild, densely forested area. Bory Tucholskie, one of the largest pine complexes in Poland, was at the center of a natural disaster that led to the death of six people.

“We were on holiday at the seaside then and were returning the next day after the storm. What we saw there was terrible. Forests broken like matchsticks, huge trees uprooted, roads impassable… Residents struggled with enormous destruction of their belongings, and firefighters and other services helped fight the effects of the element… A sight I will not forget for the rest of my life,” he recalls one of the Internet users under the photo showing the current condition of the forest in the Tuchola Forest.

As part of the planned “forest reconstruction” in 2018, eight thousand hectares of fallen trees (which constituted half of the area of ​​the entire forest complex) were replaced by new ones. Thanks to the photo by Przemysław Świderski, we can admire what the forest looks like today.

Internet users were delighted with the forest in the shape of the symbol of Poland

An aerial photo showing a forest in the shape of a crowned white eagle was shared on the Facebook profile of the Lubuskie Storm Hunters. “The background is made of pine, the eagle is made of birch, the crown is made of larch. In total, approximately 100,000 trees,” we read in the description of the photo. The post received a lot of comments and likes. Internet users praise the idea and its execution. “It takes your breath away, how beautiful our eagle is. Thanks to everyone who created such a miracle,” reads the comment. “It’s a beautiful project, but few people know about it,” says one person.

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