Mushrooms in December? The photo from the forest delighted Internet users

Mushrooms in December?  The photo from the forest delighted Internet users

An unusual discovery in the forest district. Mushroom pickers came across chanterelles. Their presence in December is quite a surprise.

Residents of northern Poland may experience quite a surprise while walking in the forest. While the price of chanterelles in stores is up to PLN 35 for a 250-gram package, chanterelles can still be found in Polish forests. In the Kolbudy Forest District located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, the recently mild weather definitely favors the growth of new mushrooms.

Favorable weather conditions in Pomerania

Recent weeks in the Polish mountains have brought tourists the first extreme temperatures and heavy snowfall this winter. The inhabitants of the other end of Poland were treated a bit more gently by nature, although their thermometers this season also showed 10 degrees below zero at night. As it turns out, even frost could not defeat nature, which is doing quite well in the Kolbudy Forest District in Kartuzy County.

Chanterelles found in December

According to Internet users, during one of the forest trips, a walker came across a large group of edible peppers, better known as chanterelles. A popular addition to scrambled eggs and many other dishes at this time of year, it surprised even experienced mushroom pickers. “I don’t believe it,” reads the comment of one of the Internet users, and the reactions of others seem to confirm that such a sight on the eve of the start of winter is something special. Usually, November is the last month in which you can stock up on mushrooms – which is what one of our editors did.

Chanterelle is a mushroom from the Echinoceae family and, apart from Antarctica, it occurs on all continents. It can perfectly adapt to the prevailing conditions and is one of the most common species in Poland. It can be found mainly under spruce trees and among mosses. Therefore, it is worth taking a look around during winter walks in the forest – perhaps we will accidentally find a tasty breakfast.

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