The parish has to pay half a million zlotys in fines. Activists hope for change across the country

The parish has to pay half a million zlotys in fines.  Activists hope for change across the country

The local mayor imposed a fine of PLN 579,600 on the parish for destroying trees at the parish cemetery in Powstanice in Lower Silesia. The FOTA4Climate foundation involved in the case hopes that similar actions will prevent other similar situations.

In May this year, residents of the Strzegom commune noticed that the linden trees growing there had been destroyed at the cemetery in Rosence. The trees were stripped of their branches almost to the trunks. We are talking about 53 trees with circumferences ranging from 119 to 300 cm, which were completely stripped of their crowns and whose main branches were drastically shortened.

Half a million zlotys fine for damaging trees

– I have seen many trees damaged and pollarded, but this case was particularly striking and even from a distance you could see the terribly damaged linden trees. It was impossible not to react, we prepared and submitted the application almost immediately – emphasized Andrzej Gąsiorowski, president of the FOTA4Climate Foundation, in an interview with

Gąsiorowski emphasized that the sight of cemetery trees from the local road made a depressing impression. That’s why he was pleased with the quick decision of the mayor of Strzegom and the severe punishment. Zbigniew Suchyta imposed an administrative fine in the amount of PLN 579,600 on the Roman Catholic Parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Stanice. Most of it was deferred for 5 years, but the parish must pay PLN 173,880 unconditionally.

The basis for imposing the penalty was “improper implementation of maintenance cuts” and the provisions of the Nature Protection Act relating to it. “Work within the tree crown cannot lead to the removal of branches exceeding 30%. crown that developed throughout the entire period of the tree’s development,” it was quoted, taking into account exceptions.

“Give a clear signal to the perpetrators of such destruction”

“The decision is invalid. We assume the parish will cancel. We are also analyzing this possibility of deferring the payment of the penalty. We want to give a clear signal to the perpetrators of such destruction that, regardless of the legal status, they will not be tolerated,” the Fota4Climate Foundation emphasized on Facebook.

– We will submit more such applications. We have already filed several, proceedings are ongoing, e.g. regarding pollarding trees at the cemetery in Ciernie in the commune. Świebodzice in Lower Silesia or at one of the social welfare homes in Nowy Targ. I hope that several such fines across the country will slow down the process of destroying trees not only in cemeteries, announced Gąsiorowski.

The parish priest, Fr. Sławomir Marek refused to comment to OKO.Press. – I am not providing any information on this matter, I wish you a good day – he said only. The parish’s representative replied that he did not yet have the mayor’s decision and would decide on further steps after receiving it.

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