A strange fish fished out of the water. He has “human” teeth

A strange fish fished out of the water.  He has "human" teeth

Nature never ceases to surprise, as confirmed by the extraordinary discovery reported by Internet users. A photo of a fish called “triggerfish” is very popular on social media, and it’s no wonder because this individual boasts unusual teeth.

An unusual fish was caught off the coast of Malaysia. The individual with teeth resembling humans is a representative of the triggerfish species, which is quite common in the region. This does not change the fact that for Internet users from other parts of the world, such a fish is quite an unusual sight. “Evolution is a truly fascinating process.” – noted one Twitter user. “It has long been known that alien creatures exist among us. Not necessarily the ones we’ve already met.” – added someone else.

National Geographic reports that there are about 40 species of triggerfish in the world that live in tropical and subtropical waters. Males are aggressive and use their hard teeth to scare away intruders. Thanks to their strong jaws, they are able to flip the sea urchin over to get to its soft underbelly. Although the meat of some subspecies is considered tasty, their consumption is not popular due to the fact that other species of triggerfish are poisonous to humans.

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