How much do councilors earn? Two issues are decisive

How much do councilors earn?  Two issues are decisive

In yesterday's local government elections, we elected, among others: councillors. We remind you what earnings they can count on and what they depend on.

During yesterday's local government elections, we elected 2.5 thousand people. communes, mayors and city presidents, as well as 47 thousand councillors. What about the latter's earnings?

It should be emphasized that councilors do not receive regular remuneration, but are entitled to a per diem allowance for their work (participation in council sessions, work in committees). The maximum amount of a councilor's allowance is closely related to the number of inhabitants of the commune.

Councilors' earnings reminds that the councilor's diet – in accordance with Art. 25 of the Act on Municipal Self-Government – may not exceed in a month a total of 2.4 times the base amount specified in the Budget Act. This year, the base amount for persons holding managerial public positions pursuant to the provisions of the Act on determining remuneration in the state budget and amending certain acts was set at PLN 1,789.42. This means that this year the maximum allowance for a municipal councilor is PLN 4,294.61 per month.

As mentioned, the amount of the allowance depends on the number of inhabitants. The website calculates that in the commune there are over 100,000. residents, the maximum allowance amount is PLN 4,294.61 per month. From 15 thousand up to 100 thousand inhabitants it is 75 percent the maximum amount of the allowance (PLN 3,220.96), while in the commune it is below PLN 15,000. residents – 50 percent maximum allowance amount (PLN 2,147.31)

The amount of the councilor's allowance is also influenced by attendance – the commune deducts the councilor's allowance for absence during the session. points out that, for example, in the commune of Chrostkowo (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship), each absence at a session or committee meeting is associated with a reduction of the monthly allowance by 20%.

In local government elections – apart from the election of rulers – the elections to provincial assemblies arouse the greatest emotions. The National Electoral Commission (PKW) announced the official results on Monday evening. They indicate the victory of the Civic Coalition in nine voivodeships, while Law and Justice triumphed in the remaining seven regions.

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