Split in Poland by 2050. Will there be punishment for the “Bodnarists” in Lower Silesia?

Split in Poland by 2050. Will there be punishment for the "Bodnarists" in Lower Silesia?

Poland 2050 MP Izabela Bodnar is to lose her position in the Sejm Environmental Protection Committee – one of the Third Way politicians tells us unofficially. This is the result of a political “deal” in Lower Silesia, concluded against the will of Szymon Hołownia.

In the structures of Polska 2050 in Lower Silesia, there was a stir after the party reached an agreement with the Non-Party Local Government Officials in the provincial assembly. “Gazeta Wyborcza” was the first to report that councilor of Polska 2050 Natalia Gołąb became a member of the provincial board, in exchange for supporting the PSL candidate, and not the KO candidate Paweł Jaros (who unexpectedly lost the vote). The provincial board was appointed thanks to the votes of KO, Non-Party Local Government Officials, PSL and PiS.

“Of course, one can pretend that these three Non-Party councillors are not Non-Party, because they joined the club from the PSL and called it Trzecia Droga-PSL, but this is just a name,” reported former activist Aleksander Twardowski, who left Poland 2050.

On Thursday, he announced his decision, accusing, among other things, pathological way of management in the local structure.

The agreement with the Non-Party was contrary to the expectations of the party leader.

– After the elections to the regional council, but before its board was formed, Szymon Hołownia met with councilors. My wife, Lower Silesian councilor Karolina Hołownia-Twardowska (unrelated to Hołownia – ed.) was also sitting at the table. At the meeting, Szymon said directly: we are not forming a coalition with the Non-Party Local Government Officials, if someone wants to, let them do it under their own banner. The alliance was decided by particular interests – thanks to the fact that Ms. Gołąb supported the PSL candidate, Paweł Gancarz for marshal, she became a member of the Lower Silesian provincial board. This cooperation with the PSL and the Non-Party Officials in the regional council was also pushed by Izabela Bodnar – the former activist tells us.

In a statement published after leaving the party, Bodnar accused her of not having faced any consequences for reaching an “agreement” with the Nonparty and that she was untouchable due to her large financial contribution to the party.

Will Izabela Bodnar and Natalia Gołąb lose their important positions?

As we learn, the “Bodnarists” may, however, face consequences for their alliance with the Nonpartisans.

One of the Third Way politicians unofficially said in an interview with “Wprost” that MP Izabela Bodnar is to lose her position in the Parliamentary Committee for Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry and that a resolution is being prepared to exclude councilor Natalia Gołąb from the party.

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