Poles will fly to these places for Easter. Hot destinations on the list

Ryanair reveals where Poles will go during Easter. In addition to Great Britain, there are also warmer destinations in southern Europe.

Italy and Spain are among the most popular travel destinations for the upcoming Easter. Although many Poles value tradition and family, Easter is increasingly an opportunity for additional holidays abroad. While the weather in Poland can be a bit treacherous in April, it's already starting to get really hot in southern Europe. Particularly attractive offers from travel agencies and cheap flights from low-budget carriers encourage foreign trips.

Great Britain, Italy and Spain are in the lead

According to Ryanair, the most popular destinations for Poles during the upcoming Easter holidays will be Great Britain, Italy and Spain. The first place for the United Kingdom (24% of travelers chose this direction) should not come as a surprise – Poles have been visiting family who live in the British Isles for years. However, the presence of hot European destinations on the podium may be a bit surprising and indicate the increasingly bold trend of holiday travel. Up to 14% will fly to Italian cities (most tourists go to Milan and Rome) this Christmas. Polish Ryanair customers, and to Spanish cities (including Alicante and Barcelona) 11%. passengers of this carrier.

Other hot destinations

Ryanair points out that apart from the three main destinations this Easter, Poles are increasingly willing to choose other, less crowded places. “An example is the growing interest in flights to Cyprus, the Canary Islands, as well as to Croatia, Austria and Portugal,” we read. “We are happy to observe that Poles are very willing to travel during Easter. (…) We are waiting for more Polish passengers who will discover Europe with Ryanair airlines,” says Alicja Wójcik-Gołębiowska, Head of Communications CEE & Baltics at Ryanair.

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