The president of Lidl Polska asked about the “war” with Biedronka. He mentioned the competitor's price differences

The president of Lidl Polska asked about the "war" with Biedronka.  He mentioned the competitor's price differences

Trying to convince customers that one chain is clearly cheaper than another is nothing new. Discount stores have already willingly clashed in the fight for the title of the cheapest. However, the text message campaign started by Biedronka marked a completely new way of this “fight”.

Karol Okrasa, who has been appearing in Lidl advertisements for several years, not only cooks on the screen using products available in Lidl, but also hosts the “Dobry topic” podcast on the retail chain's channel. He invited Włodzimierz Wlaźlak, president of Lild Polska, to the last episode. The conversation concerned, among others, pricing policy and the so-called war with Biedronka over which chain will be the cheapest, which it will then be able to display in advertisements.

The president of Lidl Polska asked about the “price war” with Biedronka

In a conversation with Karol Okrasa, the president of Lidl Polska noted that the price war with the largest retail chains has been going on for a long time, but in February it took a new turn. This is related to a large campaign of sending text messages by Biedronka (at the beginning of the conversation, Wlaźlak avoided giving the name of the company with which Lidl competes), in which the chain argued that it was the cheapest. Lidl could not ignore such a challenge.

– Text messages are such a direct form of contact that, for example, I usually receive them from my wife, mother, children, friends. The campaign showed some price differences, the problem is that they were not entirely true and this was the biggest flashpoint, the biggest controversy – said the president of Lidl.

Wlaźlak was also asked about the reason why, in the last advertising campaign, he so strongly emphasized the differences in prices between individual Biedronka stores, while emphasizing that in Lidl they are always the same.

– In a basket of a dozen or so items, prices in a competitive chain may differ by PLN 17 or – as journalists said – by PLN 40. This is a really huge event and I wonder how the client might feel in such a situation? What can he think? In my opinion, to put it mildly, it is uncertainty, if not some other feeling when shopping at unequal prices, with prices different depending on the housing estate. This is something that is unthinkable for us.

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