Pornographic film on the profile of the Piekary Śląskie city hall. The vice president explains himself

Pornographic film on the profile of the Piekary Śląskie city hall.  The vice president explains himself

The city of Piekary Śląskie argues that it was the victim of a hacker attack. Pornographic videos were posted on the FB profile. “We have no influence on the content published on the profile,” assures Vice-President Krzysztof Turzański.

On Tuesday, around 8 p.m., a pornographic film appeared on the profile of the city of Piekary Śląskie. The city posted a message on its website informing about a hacker attack on the Facebook account of the City of Piekary Śląskie. “We don't have access to it at the moment. We are working to restore access and secure it,” it added. The film disappeared from the board after a few hours, but for almost 22 hours. he was still available in stories. After he disappeared, another one appeared.

“We have hacked the city's FB! We do not have access to the site. Reported and we are waiting for Facebook's reaction. I hope that the problem will be solved, the website will be restored, and those responsible will face the consequences. It's sad…” – commented the vice-president of Piekary Śląskie, Krzysztof Turzański, right after posting the porn video.

Piekary Śląskie. Porn on the city hall's Facebook profile. Krzysztof Turzański explains

After several hours, he added another entry. “Urban Facebook is temporarily not urban. We have no control over it. We apologize for any indecent content that has been or will be published, but it is the result of a crime, not the actions of officials,” wrote the vice-president of the city.

Turzański explained on his website that “all administrators were deleted after the hacker attack.” “We have no influence on the content published on the profile. We cannot moderate comments, delete or publish any information,” Turzański continued.

The city apologizes for indecent content on Facebook

“In connection with the appearance of erotic content on the city's profile, we apologize to all recipients, but at the moment we have no influence on it and it is not known at this point whether we will regain control over the profile at all,” the politician added.

“I'm sorry that we weren't able to solve the problem and block indecent content on the profile – efforts are still underway to restore the city's control over the profile,” Turzański said. The vice-president of Piekary Śląskie assured that the city uses the help of a specialist company, and after 11 p.m., president Sława Umińska-Kajdan signed documents enabling legal action. Turzański also informed about submitting a crime report.

Vice president irritated by Facebook's actions

The politician further reported that “Facebook is starting the procedure of restoring the site's administrators” and it is up to him to block indecent content. “The inertia in the company's reactions is appalling,” Turzański said, irritated.

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