The left submits an anti-flippers bill. We learned the details

The left submits an anti-flippers bill.  We learned the details

The left has submitted an anti-flippers bill that is intended to bring down housing prices in cities. – On the wild market, a young person has no chance of finding an apartment – ​​commented Jan Mencwel.

“Today we have submitted an anti-flippers bill – the bill aims to discourage flippers from their activities and reduce their profitability. We want to free the market from harmful speculations that are prohibited in other areas. A flat is a unique asset that must be protected,” Magdalena Biejat said on social media.

A moment later, a press conference took place with the participation of the Left and urban movements. Biejat explained that the purpose of the act is to “regulate and control housing prices in large cities.” The Leftist politician emphasized that prices in cities such as Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków and Poznań have “gone crazy”. – Only in the capital they reach PLN 18,000 per square meter and it's high time to do something about it. The answer is not loan subsidies, but better regulation of the housing market, she said.

Anti-flippers act. Robert Biedroń appealed to Szymon Hołownia

– We are submitting this bill on behalf of middle-income people who today must have PLN 1 million to be able to buy a 50-square-meter apartment in a large city to start with – concluded Biejat. – We do not want speculators to take advantage of the difficult situation with access to apartments – added Robert Biedroń. The MEP appealed to the Speaker of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia, to proceed with the bill as quickly as possible.

Dorota Olko explained that “the act is intended to limit the phenomenon of flipping and is intended to help counteract speculation on apartments, where their prices are artificially inflated.” – We are reaching for a tool here, which is the tax on civil law transactions. Today the tax rate is two percent. With the bill we will submit, we are introducing additional rates where apartment transactions are speculative in nature, she explained.

Dorota Olko on the mechanism discouraging apartment speculation

– If the apartment is bought and resold again in a short time, we introduce higher tax rates. If it is resold within a year, it will be 10 percent, within two years six percent, and within three years four percent. – added the MP. Olko continued that the flippers themselves would be additionally taxed. – This means that a person who buys more than two apartments within five years will pay higher tax rates – she emphasized.

– It is estimated that currently up to half of apartments are purchased for investment purposes; in such a wild market, a young person has no chance of finding his own place – noted Jan Mencwel. The leader of the Miasto Jest Nasze Association expressed hope that politicians “will stand on the side of ordinary city residents who need support in a difficult housing situation.”

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