The Prime Minister announced the amount of expenditure on the army and attacked PO. “These cities were supposed to be left to their own devices.”

The Prime Minister announced the amount of expenditure on the army and attacked PO.  “These cities were supposed to be left to their own devices.”

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki criticized Donald Tusk for economic cooperation with Russia and low spending on the army during the PO-PSL government. – What would happen to cities like Hrubieszów? – He was asking.

On Friday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki spoke at a conference at the 2nd Hrubieszów Reconnaissance Regiment. major Henryk Dobrzański “Hubal”. The head of government talked about strengthening the Polish army in the face of the threat from Russia and improving the combat capabilities of the Polish army.

Morawiecki on the defense of the East. “We changed the doctrine”

– Our opponents left eastern Poland, in their doctrine, to the fate of the enemy. What would happen to cities such as Hrubieszów, Radzyń Podlaski, Białystok, Lublin? They were to be left to their own devices. This is an incredible scandal. We have changed this doctrine. Our plans are to defend every inch of Polish land, which, together with NATO allies, will be defended in accordance with the Washington Treaty, said the head of government.

– You need to have something to defend yourself and be able to defend yourself at least in the first phase of the enemy’s attack, Ukraine has shown this. The first advice that came to President Zełenski was: “get away from here”, but he did not run away – recalled Mateusz Morawicki.

–When Putin declared the restoration of the Soviet empire, the then prime minister offered Russia’s cooperation in the area of ​​gas and economic exchange, with Russia as it is. (…) When Putin invaded Crimea, annexed Crimea and Donbas, what did they do? They continued to liquidate units throughout Poland. This policy can be called the policy of naivety and stupidity. I don’t know whether we should entrust the fate of a country of 40 million people to them, said the head of government.

Expenditures on the Polish army. Mateusz Morawiecki provided the amount

He also presented plans for the army.

– We recreate our combat capabilities wherever necessary. We are building new barracks, such as in Siedlce, our armored fist armed with modern tanks. We import and produce the most modern equipment – he said.

–37 billion is the total expenditure on the army in the last year (of the government – ​​editor) of our predecessors. Next year, we will allocate approximately PLN 155 billion to arm the Polish army, four times more, announced the Prime Minister. – Unfortunately, their policy at that time did not meet with a counter-response other than that of Law and Justice. We must be aware of the huge difference: chaos and anxiety or security and investments in the Polish army? – added.

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