Maja Ostaszewska does not agree with the government's decision. She appealed to Donald Tusk

Maja Ostaszewska does not agree with the government's decision.  She appealed to Donald Tusk

The actress once again commented on socio-political events. Maja Ostaszewska is not satisfied with the situation at the border.

Maja Ostaszewska has been involved in various charity and social campaigns for years, and also works to protect animal rights. Helping others and expressing her own opinion were often more important to her than job offers. – I was expected not to speak out. For me, it's more important to just be true to yourself. I would feel really bad if I agreed. That's why I think the money wasn't worth it – she said in an interview with Magda Mołek. Now the actress has once again spoken out on an issue that is important to her. She appealed to the Prime Minister.

Maja Ostaszewska about the situation at the border

A few days ago, Maja Ostaszewska was attacked by a TV Republika reporter who claimed that after the death of a 21-year-old soldier at the border, the actress should apologize to the guards. – I have nothing to apologize for. I feel very sorry for the family of the murdered soldier. That's all I have to say. I didn't do anything wrong to the border guards. I didn't take part in the hate. And please don't attack me, the artist replied.

Although the reporter suggested that there are no mothers with children at the border and that is why there have been no recent reports of artists who previously went there to help, Maja Ostaszewska quickly denied these words. – There are also mothers with children at the border. Two weeks ago there were photos: mothers with a tiny child, a newborn and underage girls from Somalia – she explained.

Now, she has spoken out about the events at the border on social media. Well, from Thursday, June 13, 2024, for 90 days there is a buffer zone on the Polish-Belarusian border, i.e. a temporary ban on staying within approximately 60 km from the border. This decision of the authorities was met with great opposition from groups helping migrants. The actress turned to Donald Tusk regarding this matter.

– The buffer zone will prevent the provision of humanitarian aid to people whose health and life are at risk. Organizations providing this aid and dealing with human rights are alarming and appealing to Donald Tusk – wrote Maja Ostaszewska on Instagram.

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