He saved his opponent’s life on the pitch. A unique distinction from the Polish Football Association

He saved his opponent's life on the pitch.  A unique distinction from the Polish Football Association

We need to talk about such heroes as much and as loudly as possible. Mateusz Kuś, a player from Burza Chwalibożyce, was appreciated by the Polish Football Association. Reason? A player from a B-class team saved the life of an opponent on the pitch during a league match.

This is a story that took place during the competition on the national B-class pitch. Exactly in the 85th minute of the match between Burza Chwalibożyce and Lotos Gaj Oławski, a very dangerous incident occurred. Oliwier Chmura collided with the opponent’s goalkeeper. The young player lost consciousness and fell on the pitch covered in blood, falling into a state of post-traumatic epilepsy – according to the official website of Łączy nas Młodych.

Mateusz Kuś – a hero straight from Storm Chwalibożyce

One of Burza’s players is Mateusz Kuś. On a daily basis, a policeman came to the rescue of his opponent. Together with his brother, who moved from the stands towards the pitch, they carried out a successful rescue operation. After the life-saving intervention, Chmura was taken over by ambulance rescuers.

“Such actions bring honor not only to you, but also to your family, the Polish Police in which you serve, the Burza Chwalibożyce club and the entire Polish football community. I am proud that you are part of our football family. Your attitude is an example and an inspiration for others,” wrote the president of the Polish Football Association in a congratulatory letter which he handed to Kuś during a special meeting at the federation’s headquarters.

The Burza Chwalibożyce player also received a commemorative T-shirt of the national team and an invitation to the next qualifying match between Poles and the Czech Republic. President Cezary Kulesza received the jersey of the aforementioned Burza from Kuś.

Two matches of the Polish national team in November

The White and Reds are in a very difficult position in terms of direct promotion to next year’s European Championships. In November, the Poles will play their last competitive match, taking on the Czechs at the PGE National Stadium. They are the runner-up of Group E, with a point advantage over Poland and one match less played. The Poland-Czech Republic match is scheduled for November 17, starting at 8:45 p.m.

In addition to playing in the European Championship 2024 qualifiers, the White and Reds will play one more match. The Poles will close the moderately successful year 2023 with another clash at the PGE National Stadium, where coach Michał Probierz’s team will face the Latvians. The friendly match between Poland and Latvia will take place on November 21, also from 8:45 p.m.

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