Maciej Kot is fighting to return to the national team. “I believe it”

Maciej Kot is fighting to return to the national team.  "I believe it"

The World Cup season is fast approaching, in which we will definitely see six Polish jumpers. Maciej Kot, who has been in good form recently, is fighting to return to the A team. The player revealed what had changed.

At the beginning of May, PZN announced the composition of the A team in the 2022/23 ski jumping season. Thomas Thurnbichler decided that Dawid Kubacki, Kamil Stoch, Piotr Żyła, Paweł Wąsek, Aleksander Zniszczoł and Kacper Juroszek will represent Poland in the upcoming campaign.

Maciej Kot returned to good jumping

Maciej Kot, who was not included in the squad, is fighting to return to the national team. Good performances, such as those during the Continental Cup in Klingenthal (HS 140), can bring him closer to this goal. The 32-year-old jumped over the object, gaining as much as 143.5 m and was the best competitor of the second series with a score of 130.3 points. In an interview for TVP Sport, the ski jumper commented on the recent weeks. – I was satisfied with a long and good jump. I remembered the best years when I triumphed in the Grand Prix competition in Klingenthal and when the Polish team won the historic World Cup. I’m glad, he said.

When asked what had changed, he replied that from the beginning of his preparations he had been training under the supervision of Wojciech Topor, Zbigniew Klimowski and under the “patronage” of Thomas Thurnbichler and Marc Noelke. – I see a lot of changes. I was open to it. I didn’t want to immediately judge whether something was good or bad. I approached all corrections with confidence and full readiness. After a few years, when no progress was visible, a certain path faded away. I had to try something different. I didn’t take any chances. I wanted to act again, he continued.

Maciej Kot wants to return to the national team

Maciej Kot also revealed what his main goal is. – Fight in the Continental Cup. The final in Lake Placid will be crucial. It is important for the entire team to have six places guaranteed in the World Cup. Even if it fails, there will still be a “fight” for five places in the squad. I don’t look far into the future. There is work to be done “here” and “now,” he said.

When asked about returning to the national team, he admitted that if he didn’t believe in it, he wouldn’t undertake hard training again. – It’s not like we only have nice and pleasant moments. Apart from some nice jumps, there are a lot of sacrifices and preparations. Ski jumping is hard work. Not just pleasure. It’s nice that we receive rewards for our efforts in the form of long flights – he concluded.

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