Accident in a famous national park. The tarantula was to blame

Accident in a famous national park.  The tarantula was to blame

Collision involving a van driver, a motorcyclist and a tarantula. The spider escaped unscathed, and the tourist was taken to hospital.

Tourists from Switzerland found themselves in a dangerous situation after a large spider crossed their path. The couple in the camper braked suddenly to avoid a collision with the tarantula. The driver of the motorcycle right behind them did not have time to stop and hit the back of the vehicle. An unusual accident occurred in Death Valley, a popular national park in California.

The tourists didn’t want to kill the spider

According to the park service, a pair of Swiss tourists traveling through the American desert in a rented van spotted a tarantula crossing CA-190 east of Towne Pass. According to the National Park Service, the driver, in order not to kill the animal, decided to press the brake pedal, thereby endangering the life of the motorcyclist right behind him. A daring braking maneuver threw a 24-year-old man off his bike, who crashed into the back of the camper. An ambulance took the Canadian to a hospital in Pahrump. Information about his condition has not been made public.

Recent flooding may make riding in the park difficult

In August, Death Valley National Park was hit by a hurricane. The effects of the flood can be seen to this day – as a result, an amazing, ephemeral lake was created in the desert, favored by tourists. However, the element may affect safety on roads that have remained flooded for a long time. Heavy rains appeared in the area shortly after record-breaking heat in July, which led to the death of a tourist.

“You should drive slowly in the park, especially when going down steep hills. There are still patches of loose gravel on our roads as a result of the recent flood. Wild animals of all sizes can be seen here at any time,” said Superintendent Mike Reynolds, the first park service employee to arrive on the scene.

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