Natalia Kaczmarek is aiming for a long-lasting record. Will he break the 49-second mark?

Natalia Kaczmarek is aiming for a long-lasting record.  Will he break the 49-second mark?

Natalia Kaczmarek is considered one of Poland’s greatest medal hopes at the Olympic Games. The world vice-champion from Budapest is currently the best national competitor in the 400 meters. The athlete does not hide the fact that she aims to break Irena Szewińska’s record. She also mentioned the 49-second barrier.

Although Polish athletes did not impress during the last summer season, Natalia Kaczmarek is one of the exceptions who can feel satisfied with her performance. The Polish runner returned from Budapest with a silver medal in the world championships. Apart from her, Wojciech Nowicki also achieved success in the hammer throw.

Natalia Kaczmarek wants to break Irena Szewińska’s record

Natalia Kaczmarek is in good shape, which she wants to improve next season. This is when the most important event of the four-year period will take place, the Olympic Games. The Pole knows what it’s like to win an Olympic medal, because she brought two medals from Tokyo. However, both were in team competition (women’s and mixed). Now he has a very good chance of winning a medal in the individual one-lap competition.

Next season, Kaczmarek counts not only on successes, but also on good times. The Pole does not hide the fact that she is aiming to break the long-standing record of Irena Szewińska, who ran 400 meters in 49.28 seconds. So far, the 25-year-old’s best result is 49.48, but she remains optimistic, believing that she can improve by 0.2 seconds.

– I would like the Polish record to be broken next year. As I push my limits, I will eventually have to write it down on my goals list. If I keep improving, I will eventually reach 49.20-49.30. However, I think that I will treat it more as a result than as a Polish record.

Will Kaczmarek break the 49-second barrier?

Natalia Kaczmarek also commented on the 49-second limit. In this case, she maintains her composure, saying that it is difficult to expect her to break the magical barrier next year, because it is too big a leap. Compared to the previous season, in 2023 the Pole improved her personal best by 0.38 seconds.

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