Iga Świątek is struggling with a problem. We know what’s bothering the WTA ranking leader

Iga Świątek is struggling with a problem.  We know what's bothering the WTA ranking leader

Iga Świątek will soon start competing in tournaments in the Middle East. Maciej Ryszczuk explained whether the Pole had any health problems.

The motor preparation coach of the WTA ranking leader was a guest in the Break Point program on YouTube. Maciej Ryszczuk answered questions from Dawid Celt and Marek Furjan, tennis experts. It was discussed, among others, the issue of the characteristic armband that appeared on Iga Świątek’s knee at the opening of the 2024 season.

Is Iga Świątek injured? Maciej Ryszczuk explains

On the one hand, Ryszczuk’s words calmed down those who are worried about the condition of the knee of the best tennis player in the world, and on the other… There is no doubt that the intensity of the Polish player’s playing may cause problems with minor injuries.

– The multitude of hours on the court, the intensity and specificity of Iga’s game are simply… Iga is a very intense player in practically every exchange. She felt that it was bothering her slightly, so we wanted to relieve it – admitted Maciej Ryszczuk, motor preparation coach of the WTA ranking leader.

However, we can only hope that such actions, before the damage, and not after it occurs, will allow the Pole to focus only on the game. Injuries and necessary breaks caused by loads are the worst scenario for an athlete.

The next challenge of Świątek? The WTA 1000 tournament in Doha starts on February 11.

Iga Świątek and all her championship titles

The Pole has won seventeen tournaments in her career so far. Świątek won four Grand Slams, three times at Roland Garros (2020, 2022 and 2023) and once at the US Open (2022). To this should be added the prestigious triumph in the WTA Finals (2023).

In addition, wins in WTA 1000 tournaments in: Rome (2021, 2022), Doha (2022), Indian Wells (2022), Miami (2022) and Beijing (2023). The list also includes WTA 500 matches: Adelaide (2021), Stuttgart (2022 and 2023), San Diego (2022) and Doha (2023). Plus a Polish accent, WTA 250 in Warsaw (2023).

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