Another victory for the volleyball players in the VNL to zero! It was a show of the Polish block school

Another victory for the volleyball players in the VNL to zero!  It was a show of the Polish block school

Third match and third victory. This is the balance of the Polish national volleyball players, who this time defeated the Netherlands 3-0. Nikola Grbic can be satisfied.

It must be admitted that in the matches of the opening tournament of the VNL in the 2024 season, the most valuable thing is building your increasingly solid and confident game. The Poles approached the match against the Netherlands having already won two games, 3-0 against the Americans and 3-1 against Canada. It turned out that on Friday the Polish team won again in three sets.

Polish volleyball players beat the Dutch. Complete set of victories for the White and Reds

This time, coach Nikola Grbic opted for a starting lineup with… two volleyball players celebrating their birthdays on May 24. We are talking about the setter, Marcin Komenda, and the receiver, captain (in the absence of Bartosz Kurek), Aleksander Śliwka. In addition, Artur Szalpuk and the midfielder duo Jakub Kochanowski and Szymon Jakubiszak joined the party. Karol Butryn is the attacker, and Kuba Hawryluk is the libero.

It started with madness, first 4-0 for the Dutch, then 5-4 for the Poles. The first game involves arranging the game, waving and falling. The White and Reds had even 20:14 or 24:21 on the scoreboard, but ultimately they won with a margin of 30:28. Śliwka finished the last two balls, but the Polish block and Szalpuk's efficiency deserved special mention.

Nikola Grbic's composure in key moments

The second set had a similar scenario, looking at the emotions. The Poles were able to gain a few points advantage to allow the opponent to get closer again. Much of this was due to the strong play of the Dutch. However, when the Polish side received a slightly better reception, we could look at the offensive with confidence. In addition, again, an effective block, beating the same – but on the other side of the net – Szalpuk. It is also worth appreciating Komenda's game, as he not only played the game skillfully, but also added several important block actions, using his arguments in this element.

The second set ended with the Poles winning 25:23. However, during the party there were, among others: 18:13 or 21:15. This shows what moments of slightly less concentration (apart from the mentioned serve) were mentioned.

For the third set, the Poles started with a change in position, namely Butryn was replaced by Bartłomiej Bołądź. It must be admitted that he was one of the leading figures on the Polish national team's side during the VNL tournament in Turkey. Butryn seems to not take advantage of the opportunity he has been given, unlike the attacker who usually plays for Projekt Warszawa.

The last game against the Netherlands was decided most convincingly by the Poles. Grbic also sent Sebastian Adamczyk into the game for a long change, replacing Jakubiszak. And the Poles ultimately won 25:18, closing the match with a service ace by Bołądź.

When is the next match of the Polish national volleyball team, where to watch it?

The last match of the tournament in Turkey for the Poles will be a match against Slovenia (Sunday, May 26, 1:00 p.m.).

The Poles' matches can be watched on Polsat Sport and TV4. Additionally, the volleyball team's matches are available online, e.g. via the Polsat Box Go platform.

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