Is the world at risk of war over Taiwan? “A blow incomparably greater than cutting off Russian gas”

Is the world at risk of war over Taiwan?  "A blow incomparably greater than cutting off Russian gas"

China responds strongly to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Nevertheless, less than two weeks later, another American delegation lands in Taipei. What is Xi Jinping planning and what consequences could the escalation of the conflict in the Taiwan Strait have for Europe?

The world held its breath as the plane carrying the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives landed in Taipei. Until the very end it was not certain whether the visit would take place. Even Joe Biden himself said in July that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was “not a good idea right now,” and China warned the American administration about its consequences. There was even informal talk about the risk of a military response. Despite this, it was decided to go ahead with this trip, including Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. “Our delegation’s visit to Taiwan is an expression of the U.S. commitment to supporting Taiwanese democracy.” – Pelosi said.

– Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the United States Congress is responsible for contacts, among others. with Taiwan and goes there on a long-announced visit. The earlier one did not take place in April due to Pelosi being diagnosed with the coronavirus. Now there was no reason why it should not take place – explains Dr. Michał Bogusz, an expert on China at the Center for Eastern Studies.

Shortened military exercises and an attempt to show off

China’s warnings result from the fact that the communist authorities in Beijing recognize Taiwan as part of the People’s Republic of China. They also oppose visits by high-ranking US officials. – The United States also could not let go of the issue of this visit. No country can allow a situation in which some apparatchiks in Beijing will dictate to their politicians or officials whether they can go to Taiwan and in what role, notes Dr. Bogusz.

In response to Pelosi’s visit, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army began drills around Taiwan. Missiles fired by China flew over Taipei, while five missiles landed in Japan’s economic zone. On August 10, the command of the Chinese army announced the end of the maneuvers, saying that its troops had completed a number of missions.

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