Free accommodation in Egypt. All you have to do is clean the beach

Free accommodation in Egypt.  All you have to do is clean the beach

Are you dreaming of a holiday in Egypt, but are you looking to save money? The authorities of one of the regions came up with an idea how to reconcile this. You will receive free accommodation in the country if… you clean the beach.

Recently, politicians in Austria came up with an unusual idea. They offered people free public transport rides in exchange for getting a specific tattoo. It is, of course, intended to promote the campaign as well as the use of public transport.

The authorities of one of the Egyptian regions came up with a less “invasive” idea. They want to encourage vacationers to take care of the environment and offer free accommodation in exchange for… cleaning the beach.

Free accommodation in Egypt in exchange for cleaning the beach

Vacationers now resting near Dahab, which is located on the Gulf of Aqaba, have a unique opportunity to save some money. If they decide to clean the beach, they will receive free accommodation.

The initiative was taken by residents and hotel owners in Dahab on the Sinai Peninsula. In this way, they want to keep the beaches clean and protect the environment. It’s mainly about paying attention to garbage, a huge amount of which is generated in the summer season by tourists.

Residents set an example for tourists

Several locals coming to Dahab volunteered to clean the beaches at Laguna, Blue Hole, Wadi Janna and Light House. The initiative’s founder, Mohamed al-Nakhlawi, said the environment is crucial to tourism and must be protected.

Sheikh Atallah Mohamed also joined the project and pledged to provide free accommodation to those who will clean the beaches.

“Dahab is home for all of us and we must protect it,” he added.

The idea was quickly picked up by social media users living on the peninsula and people resting here. They spread the idea online and encourage people to take part in cleaning the beaches.

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