A surprising attraction of Poznań. Observation tower, nature and kilometers of walking paths

A surprising attraction of Poznań.  Observation tower, nature and kilometers of walking paths

Szachty is a place well known to the inhabitants of Poznań, but it is also an attraction worth seeing when visiting the capital of Greater Poland. You can see the city center from the observation tower here.

Picturesque ponds, charming and well-kept paths, fruit trees (delicious mirabelles) and meadows full of flowers, all of this with well-prepared infrastructure for rest and recreation. This is what Szachty in Poznań looks like. This is a place worth including in your plans during a trip to Poznań.

Poznań Szachty – what is this place?

Szachty are located in the southwestern part of the city (on the side of Świerczewo and Fabianów-Kotowo) in the valley of Strumien Junikowski. The entire complex covers an area of ​​over 57 hectares. Szachty is also often called Glinianki, and the whole place is historically associated with the brickyards that used to operate here (the last of them operated until the 1990s). The name “shachta” itself comes from the German language and words meaning shaft and digging.

The area has been successively revitalized for almost 10 years. There were paths, benches, a place for a bonfire, a playground and the main attraction Szacht, i.e. a 25-meter observation tower, which was built as part of the Poznań Participatory Budget.

Observation tower in Szachty

The tower is built on a triangular plan, and there are 120 steps leading to the highest viewing platform. From the tower you can clearly see the entire Szachty and its surroundings, but you can also see the center of Poznań from here. On sunny weekends, this place is especially eagerly visited by Poznań residents, but also by tourists who like to look for unusual attractions. We especially recommend visiting Shakhty at sunrise: phenomenal views and lack of crowds are guaranteed. The remains of fruit orchards add charm to this place, and the complex also attracts nature lovers (there are, among others, nesting places for terns). Along the paths there are educational boards telling about interesting facts about the local flora and fauna. Shakhty can be easily reached by public transport.

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