Where to go kayaking in Poland? We choose the 3 most beautiful rafting trips

Where to go kayaking in Poland?  We choose the 3 most beautiful rafting trips

The Dunajec is one of the most popular rivers for kayaking. However, we can also find other unique places in Poland.

Sunny weather encourages summer activities. In addition to relaxing on the beach or hiking in the mountains, Poland offers many interesting attractions for active people. One of the proposals is kayaking trips, which perfectly combine relaxation with physical exercise. Everyone has already heard about rafting on the Dunajec River in Lesser Poland, during which you can admire the Tatra peaks. However, in our country we can find many equally beautiful and less commercialized trails. On the occasion of the upcoming holidays, we have prepared a list of three rafting trips that are worth paying attention to.

The most beautiful kayaking trips in Poland

This year, trips abroad are more popular than holidays at the Polish seaside or in the mountains. However, summer in Poland does not have to be boring. Visiting castles, cycling routes and, finally, kayaking – in our country you will find many attractions just right for sunny Saturday afternoons. In this list we present the three most beautiful kayaking routes in Poland. The lack of the Dunajec River may come as a surprise to many. This undoubtedly picturesque route in Małopolska has been very popular for years, and during the season, places in pontoons and kayaks must be booked well in advance. However, it is worth taking a look at equally beautiful and less commercialized attractions.

3. Rafting down the Łyna in Olsztyn

To try your hand at kayaking in beautiful natural surroundings, you don’t have to leave the city. Rafting down the Łyna is one of the most attractive routes in Warmia and Mazury. The Polish section of the river, which flows into Pregołoła in the Kaliningrad Oblast, is 190 kilometers long. The three-kilometer route runs through the center of Olsztyn, one of the most underrated cities in Poland. The rafting route leads through the Olsztyn City Forest and ends at a beautiful pool where the Łyna joins the Wadąg. For an able-bodied person, the kayak trip will take about 1.5 hours. Although the route is quite easy, there are numerous accelerations during which we can feel like we are rafting in high mountains.

2. Rafting down the Pilica River in Masovia

Two steps from Warsaw separate us from a wild rafting down the Pilica, the longest left-bank tributary of the Vistula. The river, 342 kilometers long and with a slight slope, will be an ideal choice for people who want to escape from the fast-paced capital during the weekend. “Pilica meanders charmingly among vast meadows, forests and swamps, creating numerous islands and bends. In the middle course, between Sulejów and Smardzewice, the Zalew Sulejowski is located, which is the largest water reservoir in central Poland,” informs the website kakakiem.pl. The best section for beginner kayakers is the nearly 150-kilometer section from Maluszyn to Sulejów. If we are planning a longer trip, it may be a good idea to stop for a camping trip.

1. Rafting down the Piaśnica River to the Baltic Sea

Kayak straight into the sea? In the Pomeranian Voivodeship it is possible. From Lake Żarnowieckie to the beach in Dębki there is a 7-kilometer picturesque route along the Piaśnica River, which can be covered by kayak in about an hour and a half. Rafting is easy, which will be good news for people who want to try their hand at this sport. The Piaśnica flows through the “Piaśnickie Łąki” nature reserve – so we cannot complain about the lack of views along the way. The most anticipated moment is definitely entering the sea and then relaxing on the sandy beach. Interestingly, this is one of the few routes in Poland that can be traveled in both directions.

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