Strong words from Vladan Kovacevic. The goalkeeper of Rakowa Częstochowa has something to explain

Strong words from Vladan Kovacevic.  The goalkeeper of Rakowa Częstochowa has something to explain

Vladan Kovacevic is considered responsible for the defeat in the two-legged match between Raków Częstochowa and FC Copenhagen. The goalkeeper of the Polish champion team clearly commented on how his team was eliminated from qualifying for the group stage of the Champions League.

It is already known that we will have to wait at least a year for the Polish club’s next appearances in the Champions League. Raków Częstochowa could have been the third team from our country to achieve this feat – after Legia Warszawa and Widzew Łódź – but ultimately FC Copenhagen turned out to be better. The medals were eliminated after two goals, in which one of the players could have done much better.

Vladan Kovacevic did not help in the two-match Raków Częstochowa – FC Copenhagen

In the first match, the score was 1-0 for the visitors from Denmark, and the goal was scored in a rather bizarre way. Polish fans might have remembered the match between the Reds and Whites against Slovakia at Euro 2020. This time, the Lviv player also attacked from the left side, he wanted to pass to one of his teammates, but the ball bounced off Bogdan Racovitan and fell at the near post, which was not guarded by Vladan Kovacevic .

In turn, in the rematch there was a draw, but Łukasz Zwoliński scored an honorary goal only at the end of the match. Earlier, the Bosnian goalkeeper was completely surprised by Denis Vavra, who scored a goal after a long-range shot. The Raków star could have behaved better in this situation because he expected a cross, not a shot.

Strong words from Vladan Kovacevic

After the match, he spoke to Channel Sportowy and commented clearly on what happened. – I took a step forward, my opponent was far away. There was no one to cross. The opponent surprised me. Well, f*ck, that goal was scored, what more can I tell you? – he said, obviously depressed. Football experts agreed in their analyzes that it was the goalkeeper’s mistakes that prevented the Medals from advancing to the group stage of the Champions League.

– I can’t say what we missed. I think it was the first time in my life that I scored two goals like that in this two-legged match. It’s a pity that there was no draw in the first match… – he added. In his opinion, however, when it comes to the game itself, Raków Częstochowa looked better. According to the Bosnian, FC Copenhagen advanced, although they were a worse team. – But I can only blame it all on myself. This is football – he summed up.

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