It was a terrible trip to London. The passenger broke the nose of the stewardess

It was a terrible trip to London.  The passenger broke the nose of the stewardess

A stewardess was the victim of an aggressive passenger traveling on a Thai airline. One move was enough to turn a pleasant flight into a nightmare.

Aggressive passengers appear on board planes all the time. They can be found both in Europe and on other continents. Unfortunately, despite numerous warnings and serious consequences of inappropriate behavior, some people still cannot control their emotions. This is what happened during a trip from Bangkok to London Heathrow in a Thai Airways plane. An innocent stewardess was injured.

A passenger attacked a stewardess. Her nose was broken

It all started with small taunts and aggressive statements. Most of them were directed at Thai Airways crew, but passengers were also hit. One of the men was responsible for the reprehensible behavior and, as a manifestation of his anger, he even decided to destroy the toilet and tear the door off its hinges. Later it only got worse.

When the aggressive passenger left the toilet, he turned towards one of the flight attendants and punched her with all his strength. The blow was so strong that it broke the woman’s nose. Then panic broke out on board. It was necessary to help the line employee and incapacitate the attacker. The man was held down by force on one of the seats.

Footage of the incident went viral. Passenger arrested

The dramatic scenes were captured by witnesses. Passengers hid in their seats and there was a lot of screaming. After a stewardess was brutally attacked, consideration was given to diverting the flight to Dubai to make it stop faster. Ultimately, however, the pilot landed in London as planned. The police were waiting for the aggressor at the scene. The man was arrested at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of assault. It is understood that he is still in confinement at this time. The injured woman was quickly taken to hospital.

This flight will certainly remain in the passengers’ memories for a long time. Unfortunately, although traveling is considered pleasant, it also has its bad sides, which include: in flying a plane. It remains to be seen on Sunday that the airport services will become better at catching aggressive tourists before they board. However, it is important to remember that some people do not reveal their anger until much later.

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