This is how much students will pay for a room to rent this season. What does it look like in big cities?

This is how much students will pay for a room to rent this season.  What does it look like in big cities?

The beginning of the academic year is ahead of us. Many students will move to big cities and look for rooms to rent. We checked the prices of accommodation there.

When checking the prices of rooms for rent, we took into account popular and large cities such as Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław and Poznań. It is not without reason that we are looking at these places – data from the Central Statistical Office, which presented a list of the largest academic centers in Poland in terms of the number of students in the 2022/23 academic year, show that the mentioned locations are at the forefront. Since there is a lot of talk about rents going up, we checked how much an ordinary room costs per month. We made a review based on offers from the portal

We only looked at the offers of single rooms in multi-person apartments and those accommodations that can be seen in the photos. Prices vary depending on the standard and location, but this is not always the main determinant of whether we will pay more or less.

Rooms for rent in Warsaw

As of September 12, OLX displays as many as 961 ads for Warsaw. Apart from the highlighted ones, it can be noticed that the cheapest options start – to our surprise – from PLN 550. The most expensive rooms cost up to PLN 2,300.

An example room with dimensions of 11 m2 for PLN 2,300 is available in Saska Kępa. It is preferred especially for students and contains the necessary furniture. There are two other rooms available in the apartment for additional people. Although we are talking about a new block of flats with modern equipment, it must be admitted that the price can be outrageous. Cheap options, such as the one for PLN 550 for a 6m2 flat in Bielany.

Fortunately, it turns out that those looking for cheaper solutions have plenty to choose from. Many rooms are in the price range of PLN 690 to PLN 1,300, and there are plenty of options for PLN 700 and PLN 900. When browsing advertisements, it is worth being careful – sometimes there are hidden costs related to fees that are charged additionally – it is worth asking about them.

Rooms for rent in Krakow

As of September 12, OLX displays 720 ads for Krakow. The cheapest variants start from PLN 400 to PLN 500. The most expensive rooms cost between PLN 1,800 and PLN 2,000. As usual, the closer you are to the center, the more you will pay, but this is not always the main rule.

Although there are many options for PLN 1,700 and PLN 1,600 and they are usually very modern rooms with rich equipment, those for up to PLN 1,000 do not have to look bad either. For example, you can find a room with a balcony in the Old Town for PLN 1,450 including fees. You will also pay PLN 1,270 close to the center, and even PLN 1,225 in Kazimierz.

As it is easy to notice, the situation in Krakow is not much different from that in Warsaw, and most importantly in the capital of Małopolska, cheaper There are a lot of options in the PLN 700-1000 range at the moment.

Rooms for rent in Wrocław

As for Wrocław, as of September 12, OLX displays as many as 958 offers for the city. Room prices start from as little as PLN 300, and the most expensive ones cost as much as PLN 2,000 – but the prices usually apply to fully equipped apartments. One of the cheaper offers concerns the Krzyki district – the price of PLN 395 also includes utilities and water fees.

An average room with full equipment will cost from PLN 650 to PLN 1,200 – many of them are also located in the city center. In turn, the average, more expensive proposition costs just over PLN 1,000. You can be sure that for this amount you will find something both of a decent standard and close to the university.

Rooms for rent in Poznań

As of September 12, OLX displays as many as 1,000 ads for Poznań. This is the most of all the mentioned cities. What are the prices like? It must be said that there are no big surprises. The cheapest option ranges from PLN 300 to PLN 500 and, interestingly, there are quite a few of them. The most expensive luxury variants cost around PLN 1,800, while advertisers offer studio apartments starting from PLN 2,000.

The good news is that most rooms don’t cost more than PLN 1,200, and finding something up to PLN 1,000 is no problem. As in the previous case, when using the cheap option, we do not have to give up good furnishings or a good location. One of the stations located close to universities costs up to PLN 580.

Prices in large cities do not differ much

Looking at the offers of large and popular cities, it can be concluded that room rental prices do not differ drastically. Although it will be more difficult to find a room in the center for less than PLN 1,000 in Warsaw than in Poznań, it still does not mean that it is not impossible. The advantage is that the choice is quite large, and these are not all the options available on the market, as there are many more websites that allow you to publish offers.

September is the last moment when students starting their adventure with studies look for rooms to rent and return to the cities – after all, lectures start in October. Although the demand for rentals is noticed all year round – many people change something during the semesters – before the beginning of the season, there is usually an increased number of offers. If you are planning to find a lodging, it is better not to wait until the last minute, it may turn out that your best chances have passed you by.

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