The sight of this tourist gave me chills. He climbed Rysy wearing only flip-flops

The sight of this tourist gave me chills.  He climbed Rysy wearing only flip-flops

Such a view in the mountains is always shocking. Although there is a lot of talk about preparing responsibly for a mountain expedition, some people set their own rules. The tourist climbing Rysy in the Tatra Mountains was not ignored.

Tourists going to the mountains in inappropriate clothing have been attracting attention on the trails for years. Photos from unusual incidents are posted, among others, on social media to warn others and make them aware of what it is better not to do. Recently, there was a lot of news about a man who climbed using chains with his dog in a bag. Now another one caught our attention, heading towards Rysy in socks and flip-flops.

A tourist in flip-flops climbed Rysy. He caused surprise

Even though the holidays are over, the weather is good and the mountains are full of tourists. They – although they should be – are not always properly prepared for climbing. Every time we intend to conquer peaks – especially difficult ones with chains – we must be aware of how important it is, among others, appropriate footwear. The man recorded in the video posted online forgot about this fact.

The case was publicized by a woman who witnessed the incident. On the way to Rysy, she noticed a tourist who was covering the same route as her, but wearing rubber flip-flops and socks. Although everything looked comical at first glance, it was actually terrifying. Once again, there was someone who proved that travelers are still not educated enough about staying safe.

It has long been known that walking in the mountains in flip-flops can cause serious injuries. Such shoes are extremely unstable and easy to trip over. When climbing a high peak, one false move is often enough to slide off the trail. Many people have already experienced this, including even those who prepared very well for the expedition.

Everything was recorded. Internet users react

The mentioned video was posted on TikTok and appeared on the @warcholnat account. “And I thought nothing would surprise me in life anymore,” the woman commented. She emphasized that this was a total lack of imagination. The video quickly gained thousands of views and began to be commented on by many users. “He turned on the sports mode, so what’s the problem?” some wrote. “This year, I was climbing Śnieżka along this difficult trail, and some ladies in front of me were wearing high heels,” recalled one of the women.

As you can see, there are many similar situations that cause chills. It often seems that the problem does not result from a lack of knowledge, but from simple bravado or ignorance. The best footwear for climbing are trekking shoes, which protect us against accidental slips and injuries. Under no circumstances should you imitate the mentioned tourist from the movie.

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