Donald Tusk announced the convention. It’s not just about the program

Donald Tusk announced the convention.  It's not just about the program

Classically for the format of Donald Tusk’s meetings, there was a segment of questions. This brought an important announcement – a programming convention.

Donald Tusk continues his journey around Poland. This time it fell on Włocławek, where he appeared shoulder to shoulder with the new coalition partner, the leader of AgroUnia, Michał Kołodziejczak, who will open the lists of the Civic Coalition in the neighboring district. The voters had an opportunity to ask both gentlemen questions, and they took it. They asked about the most important thing – about the program, about specifics instead of attacks on Law and Justice.

“Specifically, I promise you that we will remove them from power. And at your disposal, we will devote a whole day of full presentation to it. Not only for four years, but also 100 specifics for the first 100 days, announced Donald Tusk.

“Gasoline for PLN 5”

The convention, although it is not yet known when it will take place, is to bring a vision of repairing the state. As announced by Tusk, hundreds of experts will take part in it, and the event will last all day. There will also be specific solutions, such as lowering the price of petrol to PLN 5.

“These are no miracles. In this case, the specific solution is that Obajtek and his Orlen do not have to break record profits on a global scale and boast that Orlen has PLN 20, 50, 100 billion from your pocket, said the leader of the Civic Coalition.

The very vision of the lack of a program of the Civic Coalition, with an emphasis on the Civic Platform, was described by the former prime minister as a “clever PiS strategy”. He also accused that the ruling party not only has no program, but is also famous for stealing ideas from other parties.

Kołodziejczak has a less developed vision of the programme

The answer to the question was also supplemented by Kołodziejczak. However, he focuses on simplicity.

– The program must be simple. It has to focus on one thing, the power of good people who will win the election, then sit down at the table together and say what we said to each other. Poles are different, from different sides. We also come from different places. We meet and talk about matters, about specifics to be dealt with, which are the most important. It must be a program that will close in a few sentences. We will listen to people and arrange Poland the way Poles want it, assured the leader of AgroUnion.

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