Huge changes in TVP. Over 20 names on the way, another great comeback

Huge changes in TVP.  Over 20 names on the way, another great comeback

More than 20 people at Telewizja Polska are to be dismissed. He is to say goodbye to his job, among others. one of the stars of “Pytanie na breakfast” or reporters of “Wiadomości” TVP. Roch Kowalski, for example, is to go the other way, and Danuta Dobrzyńska is to be responsible for “Teleexpress”.

After the new government took power, new order began at TVP. Many people come and go. According to unofficial findings of Wirtualne Media, political reporter Roch Kowalski, who has submitted his notice and will say goodbye to his current employer – RMF FM, is to move to the new Polish Television news channel, which is to be established in place of TVP Info.

A new news channel instead of TVP Info

The next host of the “19.30” service, which was created to replace TVP’s “Wiadomości”, will be Zbigniew Łuczyński. He will also be the host of the renovated TVP Info channel. Łuczyński has already worked for Polish Television in the past. For now, it is not known when the new TVP Info news channel will be launched. Polish Television says that this may happen between Christmas and New Year.

The new names were also revealed in a letter that the new president of TVP, Tomasz Sygut, sent to the station’s employees. It was confirmed there, among other things, that Paweł Moskalewicz would be the deputy head of the Television Information Agency. Jan Ciszecki will also become deputy director of TAI. Danuta Dobrzyńska, who left in mid-March 2016, is to be responsible for “Teleexpress”. At that time, she had been working at Telewizja Polska for almost 20 years.

Mass layoffs at Polish Television

Changes in TVP are also taking place in the opposite direction. According to Plotek, the following people were left out of the January schedule: one of the stars of “Pytanie na breakfast” Małgorzata Opczowska. The informant added that the head of “PnŚ” was also fired.

According to the website, the list of names to be released is long. The trade unions at Telewizja Polska received a list of TVP journalists who are to be dismissed for consultation. It included “Wiadomości” reporters: Jakub Krzyżak, Anna Pawelec and Magdalena Wierzchowska.

The following surnames are: Bajor, Warzocha, Jarosiewicz, Sobolewski, Stankiewicz, Piasecka, Pilszyk, Olszak-Tulicka, Ostaszkiewicz, Nowak, Nowina-Konopka, Łyżwiński, Krawiel, Krzykowski, Korab, Koretko, Kapinos-Maszenda, Klarenbach, Hałasik, Helsiner, Gałka, Gołębiewski, Gajownik, Drozd and Borkowska.

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