He is to take over Kamiński's seat and hopes to be in the PiS club. “I suggest everyone cool down their emotions”

He is to take over Kamiński's seat and hopes to be in the PiS club.  "I suggest everyone cool down their emotions"

– I would not like us to create a reality in which Pawłowska is lonely, no one wants to talk to her, and PiS will treat her like the proverbial “leper” – says Monika Pawłowska, who is to take over the mandate from Mariusz Kamiński, in an interview for “Wprost”. – I will apply for admission to the PiS Parliamentary Club. If I am not accepted, I will be an unaffiliated MP, she adds.

Eliza Olczyk, “Wprost”: There is a lot of confusion around the parliamentary mandate of Mariusz Kamiński, which you are to take over. Will you take the parliamentary oath at the next session of the Sejm?

Monika Pawłowska: I haven't made a decision yet. I would like to meet and talk to President Andrzej Duda earlier. I really appreciate the president's voice.

You have already met with Minister Małgorzata Paprocka from the Chancellery of the President. It is not enough?

It was a nice, constructive and very valuable conversation. We touched on many important and socially important topics, not only the issue of taking up a mandate. The minister told me that the president's position regarding the parliamentary mandate of Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik is unchanged. I understand that. However, I would like to talk to the president in person. It seems to me that there are many issues that the president would like to know about.

How long do you plan to wait to meet the president?

I asked Minister Paprocka for the earliest possible date.

Did Minister Paprocka convince you not to take over Mariusz Kamiński's mandate?

I would not like the pattern of “persuading” me to be repeated, as the media insinuated in the case of my conversations with PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński. I have to take the oath, but I declare that I would like to avoid unnecessary emotions accompanying my return to the Sejm. Fortunately, these emotions subside a bit and calm down. We are also still waiting for the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal regarding the laws that the president submitted for subsequent review.

Do you want to wait for the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal? After all, whatever the Tribunal rules on this matter now, the ruling coalition will not recognize it.

I don't want to settle this anymore. I hope that the current ruling coalition will understand that many of the actions it is taking have long exceeded the limits of the law. The problem is that I am not a party to these proceedings, and the only thing I can do is respond to the letter of the Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, who takes full responsibility for this situation.

I couldn't refuse to take up the mandate – I receive hundreds, thousands of messages and phone calls from residents, supporters, and local government officials from the Lublin Voivodeship, who keep asking me when they will hold the parliamentary mandate again.

They very much regret that I am not in the Sejm and that I have no tools to help people. I gave my heart to my little homeland and put a lot of work into making it flourish. Can you imagine the situation that 4 years ago, in many places in the province? There was no sewage system in the Lublin province? Thanks to, among others, my work, such problems are forgotten. About 11,000 people voted for me. people, it's a huge commitment.

You started from fourth place, which is a very good result. These 11 thousand voters, this is your mandate to sit in parliament. So why these pageants?

Thank you. I ask myself why this whole situation is so difficult.

PiS's attitude towards you has changed radically since you announced your willingness to take up the mandate. A few weeks ago, President Jarosław Kaczyński said – we know Mrs. Pawłowska, she is loyal and will not accept the mandate. Now PiS says there is no place for you in the club.

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