A dozen or so parties will cease to exist. Among them, the “Piast” Party and Compatriots

A dozen or so parties will cease to exist.  Among them, the "Piast" Party and Compatriots

Due to failure to meet the deadlines, several batches will cease to exist. Although it has happened before, this year quite loud groups will go under the knife.

The deadline for submitting financial statements for the previous year for political parties is March 31. If this limit is exceeded, the National Electoral Commission applies to the court to be removed from the register.

The parts of Schreiber and “Lizard” will disappear

This year, several groups forgot to submit their documents on time. Many of them are associated with famous names.

The Mam Enough 2023 party, whose establishment in 2022 was announced in recent months by Marianna Schreiber, a celebrity and wife of PiS MP Łukasz Schreiber, will go under the knife. However, Marianna herself is no longer part of her party – in the meantime, she was excluded from it for violating the statute. – It was an accident at work – said Marcin Nagórski from Mam Dość 2023 in an interview with “Rzeczpospolita”.

The controversial party of Wojciech “Jaszczur” Olszański, Compatriots Kamraci, registered last year, is also to disappear. The group's failure to submit a report will certainly play into the hands of the prosecutor's office, which tried to stop its creation by claiming that the functioning of the radical nationalist party violates the constitution. However, Marcin Osadowski, one of the leaders of the Compatriots' Compatriots, convinces “Rzeczpospolita” that the report has been sent and the matter will be investigated at the National Electoral Commission.

Kołodziejczak's party among the dozen to be liquidated

The “Piast” Party will also be liquidated, whose former head of the political council is Janusz Wojciechowski, the current EU commissioner for agriculture, associated with Law and Justice. Grzegorz Wojciechowski, the brother of the EU commissioner, tells “Rzeczpospolita” that he has recently observed a sharp reduction in its activities. – It started with the death of president Zdzisław Podkański in 2022 – journalists heard.

One of the four parties associated with Deputy Minister of Agriculture Michał Kołodziejczak, Ruch Społeczny Agrounia Tak, will also go under the knife. – No comment – ​​the politician tells “Rzeczpospolita”.

The following will also cease to exist: founded by, among others, former PiS politicians Przyszłość 5.0, Freedomists by Artur Dziambor, Regional Minority with Majority of former MP of the German minority Ryszard Galli, the Polish Left Movement party and the Polska Jest Jedno group of the president of Siemianowice Śląskie Rafał Piech.

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