On the occasion of the Beaujolais Nouveau wine festival, ZŁOTA 44 presents a professional wine cellar intended for residents.

On the occasion of the Beaujolais Nouveau wine festival, ZŁOTA 44 presents a professional wine cellar intended for residents.

Some of the largest vineyards, cellars and wine storage facilities are located, among others, in Moldova. Milestii Mici and Cricova attract famous collectors from around the world, but also tourists. Hundreds of kilometers of corridors lead to thousands of bottles of some of the world’s best spirits, which are aged in favorable conditions to allow their best qualities to develop before they are opened. Is it possible to store valuable wines closer, but in the same professional way? Yes, even in the comfort of your own home. On the occasion of Beaujolais Nouveau, we present a unique wine cellar in the ZŁOTA 44 apartment building.

It would seem that the ideal place to display precious wines is the living space. In the living room or kitchen, a collection of drinks could fit into the design of the room, please the eye and discreetly encourage tasting. This is a short-term proposition, useful assuming that the wines will not require aging. The aim of a professional wine storage facility is the process of maturing the wine itself and aging it in order to achieve its full nobility, as well as storing mature wines so that they do not lose their highest quality. The cellar must therefore meet stringent requirements. In the past, the underground basement guaranteed the appropriate temperature and humidity, today the parameters are electronically controlled.

Perfect conditions for noble drinks

ZŁOTA 44 offers its residents the opportunity to use a professional wine cellar for a fee, which can hold over nine thousand bottles of wine, which is constantly provided with ideal conditions. All bottles are aged in a horizontal position. As the wine matures, it likes peace and quiet, so access to the cellar at ZŁOTA 44 is limited as much as possible. It is separated from the usable parts. The walls, ceiling and floor were insulated with material protecting against temperature changes and vapor-proof membranes. It is also equipped with properly insulated doors. The shelves are designed to reduce vibration. You couldn’t imagine better conditions for pursuing your passion for wine.

Specialists agree that the temperature preferred by wine should be, above all, constant and between ten and sixteen degrees Celsius. The Wine Master SP100 air conditioner is responsible for the proper temperature conditions in the cellar at ZŁOTA 44, which constantly maintains a constant temperature in the range of fourteen to sixteen degrees Celsius. The cellar is unaffected by weather conditions, and the light does not emit UV radiation, which is harmful to alcohol. The intensity is adjusted to provide a pleasant twilight. No sounds or smells reach here. Humidity is extremely important in the aging process of fine wines. Too dry air will negatively affect the cork, drying it out, which will shrink the structure and damage the wine. Due to the smaller adhesion of the cork to the walls of the bottle, it will no longer function as an insulator. Air will enter the bottle and the oxidation process of the wine may result in a deterioration of taste. Too much humidity can also negatively affect the cork, causing it to mold. The basement of ZŁOTA 44 is equipped with a Carel humiDisk humidifier that maintains constant, ideal humidity in the range of sixty-five to seventy-five percent.

Cellar equipped by professionals

“ZŁOTA 44 offers residents space to store fine drinks. Passion for wine takes time, often many years, to observe the maturation process in order to finally enjoy the effect of your own patience. We want to provide such experiences to the residents of the apartment building. We are aware of the uniqueness of this facility and offer the support of a professional wine advisor. Additionally, we offer every new buyer of an apartment at ZŁOTA 44 the opportunity to consult a professional sommelier who will examine the residents’ preferences and recommend suitable wines for their own wine cellar. This is a service that is rare even in Europe, and unique in the world. It is also one of the examples of care and individual approach to the residents of ZŁOTA 44. says Christopher Zeuner, Head of AMSTAR Europe, co-owner of ZŁOTA 44.

“The basement of ZŁOTA 44 is certainly a unique proposition for the residents of the apartment building. Fine wines require proper storage. A professionally prepared place and service are undoubtedly a valuable convenience.” – says Jan Bester, Winkolekcja Sommelier. Noble wines are often an expensive investment. It is worth thinking about storing them safely. ZŁOTA 44 provides 24-hour security, and entry to the cellar is only possible after unlocking the door.

Specialists point out the need to regularly taste batches of aging spirits. Most apartments at ZŁOTA 44 are equipped with Gaggenau household appliances, including special wine refrigerators. There, the drink can wait to be opened at the appropriate temperature and humidity. Residents can also use the tasting space adjacent to the cellar. Arranged using natural materials and immersed in subdued light, the zone creates an ideal place where the love for wine, despite the prevailing twilight, is clearly visible.

The offer of the sales office at ZŁOTA 44 is now less than 13%. apartments, including two penthouses on the 52nd floor of the apartment building.

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