Sebastian Świderski clearly about Nikola Grbic’s goals for 2024. These words say it all

Sebastian Świderski clearly about Nikola Grbic's goals for 2024. These words say it all

2023 was a great year for the Polish national volleyball team. The White and Reds have won everything there is to win, but they still have the most important goal of the next four years on the horizon – the Olympic Games. PZPS President Sebastian Świderski revealed how coach Nikola Grbic will approach the next year with the Polish national team.

There is no doubt that the Polish national volleyball team has had a great time. In 2023, Poles won the Nations League, became European champions, and at the end of the season, they concluded the season by qualifying for the Olympic Games in Paris. What more could you want? As it turns out, the team of volleyball champions is still insatiable.

Sebastian Świderski on Nikola Grbic’s goals for 2024

You can say that, for example in the context of the White and Reds’ coach. Nikola Grbic knows well that he still has the most important test ahead of him. Something that no Polish coach has managed to achieve over the last almost two decades. Since Poles regularly come to the Olympic tournament (i.e. Olympic Games in Athens 2004), they are eliminated every time at the start of the knockout phase.

The president of the Polish Volleyball Association, Sebastian Świderski, in an interview with Interia, revealed what the Serbian coach’s attitude towards the national team season, which will start right after the end of the club competitions in 2024, may be.

– This year, the most important thing was qualifying for this (e.g. eMPe Olympic) event, but coach Nikola Grbic cannot give up and does not want to take an easier path. He always wants to win everything and go for more victories. He won’t need to be motivated next year. He will certainly want to defend the title in the Nations League and bring back a medal from the Olympic Games. With this goal in mind, we fly to Paris. This is a key event for us, admitted the president of the Polish Football Association.

The finals of the Men’s Volleyball Nations League are back in Poland!

In 2024, the White and Reds will defend the VNL gold medal won in Ergo Arena. The final tournament of the Nations League will be held at the Atlas Arena in Łódź from June 27 to 30. The top eight VNL 2024 teams will play in a crucial pre-Olympic trial.

Interestingly, for Łódź it is a return to hosting men’s volleyball at its best. In recent years, it was mainly the Polish women’s national team that visited Atlas Arena, with quite good results. Example? It was in Łódź that the White and Reds won tickets to the Olympic Games in Paris (2024), achieving success in the qualifying tournament.

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