A family of eight stayed in a luxurious hotel. This way they will save money

A family of eight stayed in a luxurious hotel.  This way they will save money

The unusual move took a lot longer. Now the Goudans’ family shows off their hotel life on social media.

According to recent research, hotels are cheaper than Airbnb. It turns out that they can also be more profitable than traditional houses and apartments. As the story of a Chinese family shows, this way of life can lead to significant savings. The household members, who run an account on Douyin (the Chinese equivalent of TikTok) under the name “He Goudan’s Family”, share with observers the everyday life in the hotel where they have spent almost a year.

A family of eight stayed in a luxurious hotel

The large family from Henan moved into the hotel over 270 days ago. The offer of long-term booking of three luxurious hotel rooms turned out to be much more attractive than traditional apartment rental. “We plan to stay in this hotel for the rest of our lives,” said the father who initiated the move. At the beginning of December, the family decided to start recording videos in which they share their everyday life with followers. Hotel residents treat it not as temporary accommodation, but as their own home, to which they add furniture and personalized decorations. It is not known exactly which hotel the Chinese are staying in because they have not posted such information on their profile.

You don’t have to worry about bills in a hotel

The family explains that living in a hotel is in many ways more comfortable than at home. First of all, you don’t have to worry about cleaning. The facility’s employees regularly take care of the space and change bed linen and towels. You also don’t have to worry about bills or parking – these services are included in the price of your stay. Additionally, as part of a long-term stay, the family is entitled to discounts that reduce the cost of living in the hotel. “Everyone leads a different lifestyle. I believe that a hotel is more convenient than renting a house, and the time saved can be used to earn money,” says the mother of six children. What are the costs like? A day for all family members costs about 1,000 yuan (PLN 560). Some Internet users claim that for this price the family would rent a much better place.

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