Flights to the United States for PLN 400? The airline announced a promotion

Flights to the United States for PLN 400?  The airline announced a promotion

A flight over the Atlantic will cost tourists little more than a round-trip Pendolino trip. The air carrier offers many available dates.

Many Poles dream of a trip to the United States – New York, known for its films and famous attractions, reigns supreme. Unfortunately, the prices of air connections are not the cheapest, although in recent years, thanks to new transatlantic lines, travel costs have decreased visibly. It turns out that you can buy your dream trip to the largest city in the USA even cheaper! Thanks to the offer of the Norse carrier, tickets from London can be purchased for as little as PLN 400.

Cheap tickets from Europe to the United States

Norse airline tickets between Gatwick Airport in London and JFK Airport in New York will cost only USD 98.68 (at the current exchange rate less than PLN 400) one way at the cheapest price offer. This is less than we would pay for a round-trip Pendolino trip from Krakow to Gdańsk. According to, such low prices for transatlantic connections can be found for the next two months: February and March. Cheap tickets are offered as part of a sale that ends in four days – then the flight prices are to be more expensive, but still competitive compared to the offers of other airlines on the same route.

Small hand luggage

Thanks to inexpensive connections from Poland to London (Wizz Air, Ryanair and easyJet offers start from just a few dozen zlotys per person), we can easily plan a dream trip to the United States that will not ruin our budget. Simple Flying reminds, however, that under the offer of the low-budget airline Norse, we can only take modest hand luggage on board. “It is worth familiarizing yourself with all the details of your ticket before you decide to book such an attractive fare. Tickets for USD 98.68 are covered by the lowest Economy Light fare, which entitles passengers only to take small personal luggage on board,” we read. However, tourists have clever ways to pack as much as possible into their permitted hand luggage.

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