It showed what was happening in Suntago over the weekend. “You can make one descent in almost an hour”

It showed what was happening in Suntago over the weekend.  "You can make one descent in almost an hour"

One tiktoker decided to go to the Suntago amusement park on the weekend. Unfortunately, he came at a time when more Poles came up with the same idea. There were crowds and huge queues waiting for him there.

Suntago is an amusement and recreation park in Poland. It is located in the town of Wręcza in the Mszczonów commune in the Żyrardów district. It opened to guests in February 2020. It is the largest indoor water park in Poland and Europe, able to accommodate up to 15,000 people. It has won many competitions and took 10th place in the ranking of the best water parks in Europe according to the European Star Award. It is divided into three thematic zones: “Jamango”, “Relax” and “Saunaria”. This is where swimming pools, slides, palm trees, deckchairs, restaurants, bars, saunas and many other attractions await guests. Unfortunately, you have to pay a bit to enter the park, and there may be crowds of people waiting there. This was discovered by a tiktoker operating online under the name @jaxudj.

He showed what Suntago looks like on the weekend

A few months ago, one of our editors found out whether it is worth going to Suntago, considering the prices. However, she found much more favorable conditions on site and ultimately recommended a visit to a unique water park in Poland. Unfortunately, tiktoker @daxudj did not have the same feelings.

We would like to remind you that a ticket to one zone of the park at the weekend costs an adult person as much as PLN 160 (on weekdays PLN 135), and access to all zones costs PLN 195 (on weekdays PLN 170). Therefore, this is not a small expense. If a customer pays this amount, he or she wants to relax there and take advantage of everything the facility has to offer. And this is exactly what the tiktoker lamented.

The man recorded a video showing what Suntago looked like over the weekend. He started the video by calling his visit to the park the vacation of a lifetime. He later started making his way through the crowd of people in the pool and even asked them if they had enough space for themselves.

However, this is not the end of the relationship. The man took the camera with him to the slide.

“You can make one descent in almost an hour”

“Come on the slide,” the tiktoker said at one point. “It's nice and there aren't many people,” he added sarcastically, pushing his way through the crowd. First he had to wait in line behind the pontoons. Once he managed to get his pontoon, he went upstairs to… wait in the next line – this time until the exit. As a result, he waited as long as 40 minutes to use the slide once.

How do you feel after visiting Suntago? Did you manage to find a more convenient date?

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