A solo traveler reveals her way to stay safe. This tells the strangers to leave her alone

A solo traveler reveals her way to stay safe.  This tells the strangers to leave her alone

Rebecca Tribelhorn travels the world alone. Over the years, she has developed certain ways that make her feel safer. How does he deal with harassing strangers? See.

32-year-old Rebecca has been traveling alone for years. She travels the world and takes photos, but due to the type of expeditions she decides on, she had to develop safety methods. And although he hates lies, he sometimes uses them to feel more comfortable on a solo trip.

A solo traveler reveals what she tells strangers on solo trips

The travel photographer says lying is sometimes the best way to protect yourself when traveling the world alone.

“Always trust your instincts and lie if necessary,” advises Rebecca Tribelhorn (32), who has visited over 40 countries, from Ireland to Mexico.

The woman, who is from Oregon, said she sometimes even wears a fake wedding ring to make strangers leave her alone. If he doesn't have a ring, he tells people he has a partner. This is because, as a solo traveler, she often receives questions about whether she is single. She knows that traveling alone is for some people an “invitation” or a signal that a woman is looking for her other half.

“Some people really don't understand that you like to travel alone or you just like being alone, and they will just take your loneliness as an open invitation,” she explained. “I've found that saying you have a boyfriend/partner/husband is much more effective at getting someone to leave you,” she added.

Ways to travel safely solo

Another precaution Tribelhorn takes is that he never tells anyone where he is.

“Especially for women, it is very important to have a place to come back to and feel safe. “Lie and say you had jet lag when you arrived and don't remember where your room is,” she said. “You can even choose a random direction and fool a stranger,” she argued.

Tribelhorn also advises to speak confidently about a given place, as if you know it well.

“I tell strangers I've been there before and sell a false idea of ​​confidence and knowledge,” she said.

“When you travel, there is a risk of being scammed, and people who would take advantage of you love knowing that you are not privy to their tricks and that you will fall for any scheme they have,” she warned.

However, the most effective lie to avoid unwanted attention is to pretend you don't speak English.

“This lie is perfect to use almost any time you don't want to commit,” she said. “It's versatile and just a quick and not-too-rude way to get back out with minimal effort.”

Do you have your own ways of discouraging others when they go away?

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