Aleksander Śliwka commented on his new role in the national team. He called out Bartosz Kurek

Aleksander Śliwka commented on his new role in the national team.  He called out Bartosz Kurek

Polish volleyball players successfully started the fight for the Olympic Games. The match against Belgium was not as easy as expected. Aleksander Śliwka commented on the course of this meeting and also spoke about his new role in the team.

Polish volleyball players won a very difficult match against Belgium at the inauguration of qualifications for the Olympic Games in Paris. The Reds and Whites played a very uneven match and, somewhat at their own request, created a thriller in the tie-break. Ultimately, it ended with a 3-2 triumph for the European champions and a great relief before the next matches.

Aleksander Śliwka on the role of the captain. He called out Bartosz Kurek

After the match, Aleksander Śliwka gave an interview on TVP Sport, emphasizing that he and his teammates played unevenly and the Belgians did not have any pressure. – We talked about it before the tournament, that everyone has dreams of advancing to Paris and the teams will be as focused as possible. They have no pressure when playing against us because they are underdogs. Belgium played just like that – with enthusiasm in defense. Sometimes all you could do was applaud, he confessed.

In the absence of Bartosz Kurek due to an injury at the qualifying tournament in China, Aleksander Śliwka is the captain of the Polish team. When asked if it was on him, he replied unequivocally. – The captain of this team is Bartosz Kurek, they drew a draw for me so that I could draw before the match and talk to the referee. My role has not changed and I try to do the same, he said, asking not to be asked about it anymore.

– Bartek will come back to us for the next tournament and will continue to be our leader – concluded Aleksander Śliwka.

On Sunday, October 1, the Polish national volleyball team will play the second qualifying match for the Olympic Games. Their rival will be the demanding and uncomfortable Bulgaria.

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