The former Polish representative spoke harshly about Arkadiusz Milik. This wasn’t what he expected

The former Polish representative spoke harshly about Arkadiusz Milik.  This wasn't what he expected

Former Polish representative Marek Koźmiński criticized the actions of Arkadiusz Milik in the White and Red T-shirt. In his opinion, the striker does not properly fulfill his duties on the pitch.

The day many Poles have been waiting for has come. Today, on October 15, the Polish national team will face Moldova as part of the European Championship qualifiers. The victory will mean that the last match against the Czechs (if they defeat Moldova earlier) will be a match for the Poles to be or not to be in Euro 2024. Many experts and former representatives notice major flaws in the functioning of Michał Probierz’s team. One of them is the game of Arkadiusz Milik.

Michał Probierz defended Arkadiusz Milik

After the recent triumph of the Poles in the Faroe Islands (2:0), Michał Probierz will make his debut as the coach of the Polish national team at the PGE National Stadium. There shouldn’t be many changes in the starting lineup, especially in the offensive line, where Piotr Zieliński, Sebastian Szymański and Arkadiusz Milik recently played. The latter received a lot of criticism after the match, as he received the lowest marks for the match, which he deserved by showing a weak side.

Michał Probierz defended the Juventus striker at the pre-match press conference, claiming that as long as he is healthy, he will play in the match against Moldova. He also justified his performance against the Faroe Islands.

– I will defend Arek, because many of you probably forgot that it was after a foul on him at the beginning of the second half that the opponents received a red card. Not for a foul without the ball, but after a created situation. And it wasn’t the only one, because Arek had two other opportunities in this match. Yes, he could have behaved better in them, but sometimes it happens in the life of an attacker that he needs support. And Arek didn’t have much support on the pitch on Thursday. He will definitely play against Moldova, said the coach.

Marek Koźmiński harshly about Arkadiusz Milik’s game

Former Polish representative Marek Koźmiński has a different opinion, as he noticed the striker’s main flaws. He appreciated his skills, but claims that he has shortcomings that make him ineffective in the Red and White colors.

– This is a profession. A profession that has been going on for a long time. Arek has great skills, Arek is really a very good football player, but in recent years he has been a background player in the national team, not to mention anything worse (…) The last match didn’t work out for him either. There was no will to fight, no determination. In my opinion he passed the meeting again. The coach defended him and said he was starting the squad for the match against Moldova, and I understand that. Maybe he will surprise, maybe he will fire because he has the skills to do so, but we have to demand much more from him. We know what he is capable of, said the former candidate for president of the Polish Football Association in “Kanał Sportowy”.

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