Faster and less stressful security checks. An airport in Europe with a new solution

Faster and less stressful security checks.  An airport in Europe with a new solution

London Heathrow Airport is testing a completely new solution for passengers. If it comes into force, it will significantly improve the comfort of traveling. See what it’s all about.

The first reports about the new solution appeared in June 2023. Today, however, they are being tested in airports around the world. Now London-Heathrow airport has also joined this group, and specifically one of its terminals. By being able to reserve a place and time in the queue for the security check, we can save time and a lot of stress.

New service at London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport is testing a system for reserving seats in the security screening queue. For now, this option is only available in Terminal 3 and with four specific airlines. However, it is possible that this will soon be a broader initiative.

The ‘Heathrow Timeslot’ service is free of charge and will initially be available to Terminal 3 passengers flying on American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Emirates and Virgin Atlantic. New carriers will join this solution over the next six months.

Faster and less stressful security checks

Heathrow Airport passengers can book a designated time slot to pass through security from October 3. It’s completely free and will definitely streamline the entire process that travelers have to go through anyway. It is worth adding that in other airports offering this solution you have to pay approximately £5 to choose a slot in the queue for inspection.

“Everyone knows the rules of airport security, but at Heathrow we are constantly thinking about innovative approaches to increase safety and improve service for our passengers. This new solution will provide passengers with additional confidence before their journey. We think it will be particularly popular with families or stressed travelers,” said Mark Powell, Heathrow’s director of operational planning.

How does the new Heathrow service work?

Passengers using the Heathrow time slot will be able to enter the security area through a designated entrance. Reservations can be made up to three days before scheduled departure, with slots available up to 90 minutes before long-haul flights and 60 minutes before short-haul flights. Group bookings for up to five people are also possible.

After booking via the website, you will receive a QR code which you must show to Heathrow Airport staff. Seats are subject to availability – if there is a problem, passengers will simply go through security as normal.

Although Heathrow Timeslot is not technically a ‘fast track’ service, it will provide a more orderly screening process and reduce passenger queue times.

Such solutions are already used by Amsterdam Schiphol, Berlin Brandenburg, Frankfurt and Rome Fiumicino.

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