Erik Exposito’s future has been decided. The door has been sealed

Erik Exposito's future has been decided.  The door has been sealed

There will be no transfer of the Ekstraklasa star in the last days of the summer window, or at least that’s what the sports director of Śląsk Wrocław said. According to him, it is certain that Erik Exposito will not change the club.

Throughout the summer, the fate of Erik Exposito, the absolute biggest star of Śląsk Wrocław, was hanging in the balance. In the context of the striker, literally every transfer window there is talk about his departure, although for many reasons it has never happened yet. Now, in the last days of August, Raków Częstochowa tried for him again, but the whole thing came to nothing.

Erik Exposito could become the hero of a high-profile transfer

The medalists are constantly looking for reinforcements due to the fact that in the fall they will compete on three fronts – in the Ekstraklasa, the Polish Cup and the group stage of the Europa League. The meetings so far have shown that Fabian Piasecki and Łukasz Zwoliński are definitely not enough to conquer, especially international competitions. Exposito was supposed to be the answer to the needs of Dawid Szwarga’s team.

The Spaniard is currently the captain of Śląsk Wrocław, and his position in the team is unquestionable. And so much so that fans and experts are convinced that without him the Military would be relegated from the Ekstraklasa at the end of the season. By then, it would not have been enough to bring in a potential successor to the sniper, so even a high offer did not convince the representatives of his current club. Behind the scenes, the amount of EUR 1 million was talked about.

Erik Exposito stays in Śląsk Wrocław

Therefore, it seems that the transfer saga with the Spaniard in the main role is over, and this is confirmed by the words of one of the club’s employees.

“I can now officially reassure all our fans: Erik Exposito is staying with us. We rejected all offers because we are aware of the fact that what the club needs most at this moment is stability and achieving good sports results,” we read on Twitter from David Balda, the current sports director of the team in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

Here are the statistics of the Śląsk Wrocław striker in the current Ekstraklasa season:

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