Zelensky canceled his visit to Brussels and chose Germany. Orbán’s reason?

Zelensky canceled his visit to Brussels and chose Germany.  Orbán's reason?

Instead of going to the European Union summit in Brussels, Volodymyr Zelensky went to Germany. There he talked about the United States. However, the decision could have had a second meaning.

Volodymyr Zelensky did not appear at the summit in Brussels, during which a decision was made on Ukraine’s future in the European Union. He only appeared remotely. – Europe will not understand if this meeting ends with Vladimir Putin smiling with satisfaction. Today the decision will be made either in Brussels or in Moscow, said the absent president of Ukraine.

Zelensky was not present at the crucial EU summit

Nevertheless, the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, announced the start of accession negotiations with Ukraine. The same talks were initiated with Moldova, and Georgia obtained the status of a candidate country. The future of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the alliance was also outlined.

The decision regarding Ukraine is shocking because Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared his opposition from the very beginning. However, he left the room before the vote. Foreign media do not rule out that Zelensky’s absence helped Orban’s decision. If the president of Ukraine had been present at the summit, it might have looked different.

The President of Ukraine visited Germany

It turns out that Volodymyr Zelensky, although he did not appear in Brussels, visited a US military unit in Germany, located less than 400 kilometers from the Belgian capital. The visit had not been announced in advance.

“I visited the U.S. Army Europe Command in Wiesbaden. Once again, I was convinced of the high level of American material and technical assistance to Ukraine. We need victory very much! We expect that the US Congress will soon make an important decision regarding the continuation of such necessary support for Ukraine,” Zelensky said on social media.

The President of Ukraine most likely came to Germany on his way back from a trip to Argentina, Norway and the United States, during which he met, among others, with President Joe Biden at the White House. The next tranche of financial aid amounting to USD 200 million was also to be announced there.

However, Ukraine still has to face a potential reduction in support from the United States. Last week, Congress decided to reject a new $110 billion war funding package for Ukraine and Israel.

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