“Symmetrists’ panel” canceled. Campus organizers issued a statement

"Symmetrists' panel" canceled.  Campus organizers issued a statement

The organizers of the Poland of the Future Campus issued a statement after the cancellation of the “Symetrists” panel, in which Grzegorz Sroczyński was to take part. Recently, on TOK FM, the journalist called “angry mongrels” of PO supporters, gathered around the online group “Strong Together”.

Journalist Marcin Meller announced on Wednesday in social media that the “panel of symmetrists” with the participation of Dominika Sitnicka, Grzegorz Sroczyński and Jan Wróbel, who was supposed to lead, would not take place. “In short: the organizers of the Campus called me asking if I could lead the panel without Grzegorz Sroczyński. I replied that there was no such possibility. As a result, I heard that the invitation is withdrawn,” Meller wrote.

After the decision of the organizers of the Campus Poland of the Future, a storm broke out in social media. The staunch PO supporters from the “Strong Together” circles did not hide their satisfaction with this turn of events. In turn, many journalists expressed disapproval.

“Symmetrists’ panel” canceled. Campus organizers issued a statement

On Friday, Campus organizers issued a statement regarding the canceled panel. “The Campus Polska Przyszłości has been connecting, not dividing, since the first edition. It is a space for open debate and dialogue, which is really lacking in Poland. We want to emphasize that the goal of the Campus is to provide all guests, guests, participants with a sense of respect, security and equal treatment.

“Unfortunately, in recent days we have received many signals from Campus participants and guests who expressed their dissatisfaction and discomfort related to the public statements of one of the panellists we had previously invited. We decided that, out of a sense of responsibility, our reaction and attempt to talk about the line-up of a particular event is needed,” the organizers said.

“We cannot tolerate aggression or personal attacks”

The Foundation indicated that its “priority has always been to maintain high standards of debate and create a space for dialogue that fosters the exchange of views, which sometimes requires making difficult decisions.” “We have made every effort to ensure that the debate, in the spirit of understanding the doubts, the causes of symmetry, but also respecting different views, was held on Campus. So we turned to the originator to solve the problem. Until a joint decision was made, we did not publish this panel, as well as parts of others, including political events.

Campus organizers assured that they are “open to diversity of views, but cannot tolerate aggression or personal attacks.” “We understand that providing a neutral place to talk is not an easy task, especially in these times,” they added. They also thanked theunderstanding and support in the process of building a constructive space for dialogue.”

Sroczyński reacts to the statement

The statement of the organizers of the event has already been commented on by Sroczyński. – This is an excuse. They chose peace instead of a sharp debate – said the journalist in an interview with Wirtualna Polska.

Sroczyński believes that the “pretext” is precisely his statement on TOK FM radio, where he used the “metaphor of a mongrel”. The journalist admitted that “she is actually not very happy.” – I believe that the leadership of the PO, instead of cherishing Strong Together, apologizing to the famous Adaś, whom Nitras first unfollowed for – as he wrote – “hate language”, and then suddenly apologized, instead of succumbing to Twitter intensification, PO should distance itself from these haters and their slogan “The Third Way to the Threshold”. I think the leadership of the PO understands that weakening partners is a simple way to electoral defeat of the entire opposition, said Sroczyński.

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