It will be easier to get to health resorts in Lower Silesia. Construction of S8 will begin soon

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It is easier to get from Wrocław to popular towns in Lower Silesia, such as Kudowa Zdrój or Polanica Zdrój. The national “eight” will turn into a fast traffic route – construction of three of the six sections can begin.

Good news for travelers from Wrocław to towns located in the Kłodzko Land. Agreements were signed with three contractors of the first section of the new S8 route between Kobierzyce and Łagiewniki.

“Osemka” in Lower Silesia. 32 km in 15 minutes

Of the 37 registered contractors, GDDKiA selected three who will soon start the works. Agreements have just been signed, thanks to which the previously known national “eight” will be transformed into an expressway.

– These 32.5 km will allow us to cover this section in about 15 minutes. We will enter there directly from the Wrocław bypass, so the connection to the south will be very comfortable. We entrusted the task to proven partners, Lidia Markowska, director of the Wrocław branch of GDDKiA, told Radio Wrocław.

Construction of a new route between Kobierzyce and Łagiewniki can begin.

The first section of S8 between the Kobierzyce Północ and Kobierzyce Południe junctions will be constructed by Strabag Infrastruktura Południe. The second one, between the Kobierzyce Południe and Jordanów Śląski junctions, is made by PORR, and the third section of Jordanów Śląski – Łagiewniki Zachód is made by Budimex.

This year, GDDKiA will announce tenders for subsequent sections

The construction of the expressway between Wrocław and Kłodzko, included in the Government Program for the Construction of National Roads until 2030 (with a perspective until 2033), was divided by GDDKiA into six shorter sections. The section from Ząbkowice Śląskie to Bardo is under tender procedure. “Later this year, we plan to announce a tender for the section between Łagiewniki and Ząbkowice Śląskie. For the last section of Bardo – Kłodzko, we are in the process of preparatory work, the effect of which depends on the results of analyzes of its connection with the planned Złoty Stok bypass. After completing the analyses, we will indicate the preferred variant, for which we will submit an application for a decision on environmental conditions,” informs GDDKiA.

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