Another bank stops accepting applications for “Safe Loan”

Beneficiary of the "Safe Loan": male, single with relatively high earnings.

Next week, Santander Bank Polska will stop accepting loan applications under the “Safe 2 percent loan” program. Potential borrowers have until December 29. Earlier, such a decision was announced by Bank Ochrony Środowiska.

“The last day on which it will be possible to accept an application for a BK2 percent loan. will be December 29, 2023. This applies to both applications submitted directly by customers in bank branches and those submitted by mortgage intermediaries,” the bank’s press office informed the business editorial staff of the portal.

There is no decision on the continuation of the “Safe 2% Credit” program.

Earlier, Bank Ochrony Środowiska announced that it would stop accepting applications on the same day, i.e. December 29 this year. It was explained that this decision aims to ensure that the bank processes all applications submitted by then by January 7, 2024. BOŚ pointed out that this decision should not be interpreted as the bank’s withdrawal from the First Apartment program. In turn, PKO BP, the largest operator in the program, announced a few days ago that it will accept applications until December 20.

The remaining banks have not announced that they will stop accepting applications, but the future of the subsidy program is unclear. The government has not decided to extend it, although politicians make it clear that they want to maintain it.

10 thousand loans with an additional payment in half a year

This would be a blow to people planning to buy a flat who believed that the program would exist for at least two years (although the previous Minister of Development had already announced that restrictions would be introduced in 2024, which are not currently in force – however, it has not been decided what they will be). concerned) and have not started the application procedure. It is the program’s popularity that may threaten its existence.

– The government assumed that 10,000 loans would be granted this year and 40,000 in 2024, while as of December 14 this year. we have granted 52 thousand loans under the program – said Agnieszka Wachnicka, vice-president of the Polish Bank Association in an interview with “Strefa Biznesu”.

She added that the average loan amount with a subsidy is PLN 402,000. zlotys. – The assumed limit was exceeded, and in the last week we have recorded a very high increase in both the number of applications submitted, over 7,000, and the number of contracts concluded, over 4,000. – said the vice-president of the Polish Bank Association.

“Safe Credit” is most often used by single people

PKO BP bank analyzed 38 thousand. applications that were received from July to October this year, i.e. in the first four months of the “First Apartment” program, and on this basis he created a profile of a typical beneficiary of government subsidies.

– We looked at who the borrowers are, how old they are, where they live, and their income. Whether they are single or buying a property as a couple. What is their current housing status and what kind of apartment can they afford with the support of BK 2 percent? – write PKO BP analysts. Who is the average beneficiary of the program – we write below.

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