Russian nuclear weapons in space? Vladimir Putin reacts

Russian nuclear weapons in space?  Vladimir Putin reacts

The White House reported last week that the Kremlin plans to deploy a nuclear anti-satellite system over Earth. Vladimir Putin himself commented on the matter.

White House spokesman John Kirby told the media that the Russians have a new anti-satellite weapon that, although not yet suitable for use in a military operation, raises “concern.” There was also some concern about activity in space.

Americans have their finger on the pulse

The situation is being monitored on an ongoing basis. At this moment – according to the White House spokesman – there is no reason to panic. This does not change the fact that Americans take the matter “very seriously,” reports The Guardian. If the Russians deploy this type of weapon in space, they will violate the terms of the 1967 treaty signed by 130 countries.

“We are not talking about weapons that could be used to attack humans or cause physical destruction here on Earth,” U.S. officials stressed.

Putin spoke up

According to the editorial office of the British BBC television portal, during the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu, which was broadcast by propaganda media, the president of the Russian Federation was to comment in the context of reports from the West. He said Moscow was “categorically against” deploying nuclear weapons in outer space. However, he added that currently the Russians allegedly have as advanced space technology as the Americans.

Shoigu, who sat at the same table with Putin, also assured that Russia had no such plans. It is worth adding here that experts point to the possible (although unconfirmed) transport of nuclear components with weapons. However, it is not known whether the Russians’ weapons are adapted for this purpose.

“They know we don’t have it.”

On that day, Putin also called for compliance with international agreements on space weapons. He added that the Kremlin has proposed cooperation in this area several times to the countries. – Our position is clear and transparent. We have always categorically opposed the deployment of nuclear weapons in outer space and we continue to oppose it, the president emphasized.

Shoigu said that currently Russia does not have such weapons at all. “They know we don’t have it… but they’re still making a fuss,” he said. The head of the Russian Ministry of Defense believes that the Americans deliberately caused anxiety so that American legislators would decide to grant financial support to Ukraine (recall: this is about USD 60 billion blocked by the Republicans).

In the context of anti-satellite weapons, it is worth adding that Joe Biden ordered the establishment of direct diplomatic relations with Russia to ensure security, as reported by NSC spokesman Kirby on February 15

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